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I am seeking advice on a potential ski upgrade.

I been learning the last two seasons on circa 2002 K2 Scorchers (210). I upgraded my boots this year to the 2007 Technica Vento 8s. I am 6'5" 200 lbs..

I can ski anything that is groomed, and am getting more and more comfortable on moguls and mixed terrain. I've had a couple of bad experiences in the back country in deep powder, but will continue to improve. I don't need to be the fastest on the mountain, but I demoed a pair of BD Killowatts (178) and they were a little too slow on the groomers.

I would like a ski that can perform well on and off-piste. One that turns easily, and is maybe a little wider under foot, but not too wide that it will be hard to get an edge.

Any suggestions on what to replace the scorchers with?