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Bolton Valley news

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It seems that the folks who bought Bolton Valley Holiday Resort have filed for bankruptcy to reorganize [old news] and now [new news] the U. S. Bankruptcy Court may convert the proceding to a Chapter 7 liqidation unless a buyer is found, as reported today in the Burlington Free Press. Ned Hamilton [Peter Glenn ski shops], the lead investor, says that a buyer is waiting in the wings - the prospective buyer being - and I quote - "an icon in the business." Will the "icon" bring to Bolton Valley more? . . . or Les? My own hope is that the "icon" is Bill Stritzler, the owner of Smugglers Notch Resort, who is so far as I'm concerned one terrific guy and a superb businessman.
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More or Les. Hehe.
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Bolton is going to be a tough mountain to rehabilitate whoever you are. years of neglect no real ski town/night life, old buildings which in some cases should probably be taken right to the foundation and re-built. Bill is the guy to do it, I just hope he has a mountain of cash. As a side note Bolton has some tremendous terrain and worth a hike for anyone in the region. There are some glades and chutes I discovered a few years ago snowshoeing up in there that really rock.

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Bolton has no big nightlife, but no one said that nightlife at Smugglers' Notch was so hot either - and Smuggs is a raving success. Bolton and Smuggs are basically family areas, with something for everyone, and no need to worry about your kids getting lost [as at "KMart"]. The "years of neglect", which I would dispute to some extent, are not the problem. This is a business/capital/debt situation, and, I might hasten to add, a marketing situation. While it's nice to have no crowds at all, it also would be nice for the area to have [gulp] SKIERS! From just a casual look-see, there were more skiers when Ralph DesLauriers owned and ran the place, not to mention that we knew who the DesLauriers were and we have no clue who these current guys are. No, no, don't tell us! It wouldn't really make a difference - they're not really, really part of this community. Capital/debt/marketing - those are the biggies - and a lot of "little" things also make a difference.

I'm still holding my breath to see whom the "icon" is. The numbers, though, will need to add up right. You can't beat arithmetic.
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It would be a shame to see Bolton go down for good. I remember taking "ski dates" there in the 70's, when I lived in Burlington. And I was certainly hoping to making some turns there with Oboe this season.
It seems that there just aren't enough "skiing animals" left out there to keep a place like that open. The vacationing hordes all want off-slope amenities and preferably a Hooters at the bottom of the mountain.
OK, so I wouldn't mind a Hooters either!
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Hmmmmm . . . so, as a purely civic gesture, starting a Hooters at the base would be a good idea? . . . just a minute, let me try to sell this to the missus.
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There must be someone out there who wants to make a small fortune...
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I've never been to Bolton, but when you consider all the money problems ASC has had at places wher they have new lifts AND Nightlife, I don't think that is necessarily the answer. Good money management, ie. spending the money wisely is the answer.
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So, what do you think? Maybe an ad campaign similar to the one at Breckenridge? Let's bring in the bad-boys!


Maybe a mountain devoted to tatoos, baggy pants, pot and snowboards would do the trick. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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WVSkier, I surely hope not.
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