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2009 Ac30

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I saw the 2009 AC30 in a store this week. It seems to be less stiff than the 08 AC30.

Has anyone skied The 2009? Is there much difference?
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Mere speculation here, but given there's an AC50 in the 2009 lineup (which presumably is trumping the AC40), the AC30 might be a bit detuned for next year.

But like I said: it's mere, uneducated speculation on my part.
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I bought the 09 AC30's and have been skiing them for a month.  I do no think there is any difference between 08 and 09 except the graphics.  Regarding the ride, I love the AC30's.  Living out east, it is ideal for my type of skiing (hardpack/ice/crud).  The ski is very stable, has great edge grip, and is easy to ski.  I have read some previous reviews stating that the ski requires alot of work - I disagree.  It is a great all around ski and is easy to ski - some people may not be used to a stiffer ski.  Howver I must say that this ski really shines when you are ripping down the groomers, the harder you push it the smoother the ride.  I especially like its performance on ice - initiate the turn, get on edge and you will cut through.  It instills alot of confidence.

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Blockhead -- Good review.  What's your height, weight, and ski level?   Thanks.


EDIT:  BH, never mind re height and weight -- I saw you had already posted that in another thread.  What level skier are you?

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Hey Jimski,


I am a solid level 5 skier, and ski mostly NJ/PA as well as Vermont.  The AC30's have been a blast - they have definitely have helped to improve my technique.  They instill alot of confidence, maybe too much. Since I ski east coast, I don't really need a wider mid-fat ski.  Last time I was out it had rained the night before and the trails were iced up the next morning.  The AC30's cut through everything - hit some of the steep diamond trails and the ski was a champ.  I also find that coming out of the turn I get more than enough spring and energy. 


Well I could not be happier.  There may be more expensive skis out there or others that are better at doing some things.  But for an all around, all condition ski, I would not trade my AC30's.




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BH -- Thanks, good report.  The AC-30 is on my short-list for my next ski.

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