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Help - my feet are killing me

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I've been lurking for awhile and a friend suggested I ask about my feet here. I am a strong skier, about an 8 normally. I have been skiing since childhood, raced through high school. I generally ski in California in the Tahoe area about 40 days a year. However, the last two years have been nightmares.

My feet now hurt so badly that I can get one run in then I am forced to stop, pull off my boots for about twenty minutes until the pain subsides. When I pull of the boots both arches are completely cramped and visibly spasming...ouch.

I have footbeds, in fact, several different ones I've had made to try and help. I know that part of the problem is that I have totally flat feet. I have no arch whatsoever.

My boots are Tecnica Diablo Magma in a 27. My foot measures to an 10 on a brannock, the shell fit is about 11cm. I should mention that I have this pain in my old boots to the same degree. I've seen several bootfitters and nobody has done anything that helped at all.

Anyone have any ideas...it has gotten so bad I'm worried I will have to quit skiing
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If your arches go into spasm, i would look at:

1) footbed support
2) instep pressure
3) forward lean angle of upper cuff
4) ramp angle of zeppa

Also possibly:

5) boot sole delta
6) binding stand height differential

Have you tried to ski without the footbed?

You need to see a recommended bootfitter to assess ROM and boot/binding angle's to match your alignment. There is a solution....you just need to meet the right person.
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where do you live? If you frequent the Reno/Tahoe area I am in Reno, and Jim Schafner is in Truckee. I am sure either of us would be able to assist you in your quest for comfort!

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Okay, here is a brief look at what we've done on my old boots and the new...

2)grinding to relieve pressure on the spasming muscles
3)zeppa work
4) canting
5)custom liner

I've tried about 8 different boots all have the same issue. I've tried: Falcon 10, Vento 10, Speedmachine 12, Beast 12, Freeride120, X-wave 10 & 8. Different fits etc. The spasm is present with or without a footbed but my most recent footbed has been the best but still not tolerable.

I am so frustrated I'm ready to give up the skiing but I really don'ty want to. I'm heading to Colorado tomorrow to see an old friend. Any suggestions on somebody there? I'll be staying in Glenwood Springs, travel isn't an issue
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Originally Posted by bud heishman View Post

where do you live? If you frequent the Reno/Tahoe area I am in Reno, and Jim Schafner is in Truckee. I am sure either of us would be able to assist you in your quest for comfort!


I live in the bay area but go up to Tahoe regularily. Jim gave it a try last year with no luck, no improvement.
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I would like to examine you in bare feet balancing on one foot and look at the activity involved for you to balance. Then try different angles shims to see where you balance with the least effort then shim accordingly and have you ski it. If your foot is very flat you may not tolerate much of a foot bed under it but the severe pronation can cause excessive fatigue in your foot and ankle muscles just to balance, if we find this is the issue, getting the internal canting aligned properly for you could be the solution to your pain issues?!

Contact me if you would like to exam this tact with me.

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Glenwood springs? Would you be willing to travel to Vail? gregfits is in the Lionshead village. Has anyone just went out and skied with you? Is it possible you are just "gripping" with your toes so hard that you are cramping?

You mentioned that the latest version of footbeds have been best.. It's possible you need a footbed with more give. (less firm) and a lesson to teach you how not to "grip" with your feet. Trying to hang on to too much edge will cause your feet to cramp.

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Are you a boot fitter now? This is the "ask a boot fitter" forum not the ask a moderator or ask a ski instructor or ask a Epicski owner. Let's not confuse people with amateur conjecture!?

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Sorry Bud, I clicked through to this thread from the main page and forgot to check which forum it was in..

On the disclosure side,

While I am a certified boot fitter (Masterfit U), I don't do it day in and day out unlike the specialists here.

Please accept my apology for posting in this thread by mistake.
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sorry for the knee jerk!
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I'm not gripping with my toes.

The alignment process you mention is worth a try. If I don't get something helping this weekend I'll get in touch with you when I get back to CA.

I have actually gone to a more supportive orthotic than in previous years. I was always under the impression that I couldn't tolerate much under my arch but I am finding that this highly supportive orthotic is helping nicely. It helps but it doesn't eliminate the pain.

I will try getting in touch with gregfits this weekend
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If you can't get into see GregFits you could try Mosh at Snowmass, his shop is right in the plaza area. You will find that Greg and Eric have very different views on internal canting so it would be interesting to try both of their solutions and report back to us on what worked best for you??
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The best bootfitter close to where you are is Jack Rafferty. You can find him in on the Mall at Snowmass.

Based on your level of frustration, you need a "real deal" guy. Jack has the best eyes and ears of any bootfitter in Colorado.

He is not selling a concept, a product, an agenda, or some new school system that is untested and unproven. Just straight up problem solving.

It sounds like you have been through a lot of pain and suffering. Jack is a breath of fresh air in the the big ego world of ski bootfitters, and ski instuctors.

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thanks, I try Jack... left a couple voicemails around the area with some people that were recommended. only got one call back and he couldn't see me until Wednesday.

For the record, this has been a weekend of pure agony. I skied as much as I could. Of course, with the current pain level that's about 3 runs per day. Waste of time and money and really, really frustrating. Any contact info for Jack?
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