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Guess-Where-Pix ( Set #2) ( was: "More Guess Where Pix")

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Here's an easy one to start:

[img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0NgAAAC0RXq5jF8puQ08KKcUTB1T4KDoHcKp2qPoSkD1N9RF8g MYv0Nw5nS288jtiBbldoMei8cd4QX*DGDW7mg/s404b-$-460x800.jpg[/img]

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...and another easy one!

[img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0NgAnEC4RrK6qhvGct51HBq0RWn1RPMHGp5fAaOPUaxbbgCrMe qydTD43IrhB*sQIX2Sl9uRy*JnXuvY44spAEw/s408d-$-500x800.jpg[/img]
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Strange ... when I download these pix through Epic on my slow home dial-up connection, one or the other of them always comes out slightly cut off at the bottom. When I look at them directly on groups.msn.com, they are absolutely fine.

Anybody else have this problem?

Tom / PM
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Slowmass? No idea.
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No problem here, Tom--both downloaded fine (I too have just a slow dialup connection). Nice photographs, by-the-way!

No guesses as to location....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Love the top photo. This looks familiar, but I don't know where it is. The "snowcone" makes me think Mt. Bachelor, but I don't think that's right.

The bottom photo is well executed, too, but that architecture is pretty aweful, isn't it? Gotta be somewhere in Colorado. Vail, maybe?
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#2- das boat
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Humm ... I don't think I'll give out the answers quite yet. Lets see what ideas other people come up with today.

Here's a few hints:

1) These are not small ski areas. Both are quite large, and both are in the USA. Zillions of people go to them every year (especially the first).

2) Both scenes were shot from spots where almost every visitor to these ski areas would pass, and could have been taken from my car window if I wasn't using a tripod.

3) The first photo was taken from the side of a large road, risking life, limb and sharpness as the trucks wizzed by.

4) What might be giving people a "vaguely-familiar-but-can't-quite-place-it" feeling is that I shot them both with a longish lens (80-200 /2.8 Nikkor @ ~200), and hence plucked out a small section of the overall scene that your eyes would normally take in.

Bob and SkiKing, thanks for the compliments, and yes, the horribleness of the massed tacky condos in the foreground of the second shot is exactly why I took it - overdevelopment to the N-th degree - ugh.

Tom / PM

PS (in edit) - Exit154, if you are referring to the movie, "das boat", I saw it years ago and liked it, but am slow on the pick-up, and not making the connection.

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No way the first one is Mt Bachelor since most WA/OR resorts receive 400"-700" of snow annually there is no reason to ever see man-made snow.
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BINGO! #2 is indeed Steamboat from one of the parking lots on a moonlit night.

How about #1? BIG HINT: Probably 25% of the people on this board have passed within 10 feet of the exact spot I took this picture (except you were probably pointed the "wrong" way at the moment). You'll kick yourself when I tell you - grin!

Tom / PM
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Probably wrong, but I'll guess Copper Mtn for #1.

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PM- Das boat = the boat = Steamboat. : )

That was easy for me, that was the view outta my bedroom one lucky year a ways back....
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Edit, double post, really....

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OK, if 25% of us have passed this spot I'm guessing it's near the Eisenhower tunnel on I-70 in Colorado. I guess the snowguns would belong to Loveland. Am I right??
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Bob Peters nailed the location of the snow gun picture (but gets 1 point deducted for lack of confidence - grin)! It is indeed Copper Mtn. SkiKing picked up on my hint that it was taken from I-70, but its definitely not Loveland.

The reason that this scene may not be immediately recognizable is that if you are in the westbound lanes of I-70, you are pointed in the correct direction to see it, but there is a bit of a hill between the east and westbound sides of the road which partially obstructs this exact view. I spotted this scene in my rearview mirror as I was driving east on I-70 and immediately pulled over to shoot it before the angle of the sun changed.

Finally, re "das boat", do I feel stoooooopid!

Stay cool.

{/whine on}

Yesterday, it was something like 102 F in the DC 'burbs. Fortunately, the humidity was only in the 60's so it felt like the Sahara to us. To put the humidity in perspective, in times past, English diplomats, soldiers and other staff stationed in Washington DC used to receive a "tropical duty" supplement to their pay.

{/whine off}

Tom / PM
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All right, I get zero points for this I know! But I DID think that was Copper. I ALMOST posted a message to that effect yesterday, but I wasn't sure enough. (Since I work there, I couldn't afford to get that one wrong!) Ski&Golf will vouch that I suggested that I thought it was Copper, at a barbeque at his house last night.



Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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First one shouldn't be too hard:

The second one is from a different mountain:

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Bob definitely called it the other night.

Just a few short months from now we'll (hopefully) see the Guns of Autumn blazing. Any day now the first ski magazines should arrive.

In the interim my favorite brand of golf ball-RANGE-is calling.
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Hey Ski Monkey--who cares about that hill in your first picture--I want to ski on whatever mountain you were standing on when you took the photo!
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[Jack Webb "Dragnet" voice on]

OK, Barnes - we'll let you get away with it this time, especially since Ski&Golf backed up your story, but don't let it happen again, or we'll be back and turn you in to management.

(...& you don't want to be a manager do you?...)

[Jack Webb "Dragnet" voice off]

Ski Monkey - I'll put my money on Aspen for your first photo.

I'm having a lot more difficulty with your second one. The vegetation doesn't really help since it could be almost anywhere in the west with a similar elevation, orientation and soil.

All the specifics are wrong, but I keep getting this feeling that I'm looking at the Gore range (CO) from the road up to Ute Pass (ie, looking west across the Rt 9 valley north of its intersection with I-70. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure this can't be the case since the angle of the shadows of the trees suggest that the camera is looking more or less east not west. Bottom line - ya got me. I'm out of guesses.

Tom / PM

FWIW, I actually have a very similar photo taken from the Ute pass road. If I can find it, I'll post it.
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All right, I'll take a stab--surely Aspen in SkiMonkey's first photo, and I'm thinking Steamboat in the second....

(It's great having the ability to go back and edit these posts later--I'm SURE I'll be right then!)

(I didn't say that.....)

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I agree the first one is Aspen. I'll guess Mammoth for the second. Haven't been there, so just a shot in the dark.
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I guess we haven't gotten definitive answers on Ski Monkey's two pix yet (although the first one's so distinctive I betcha anyone who regularly looks at ski mags would know it), but I'm going to post a new one to contemplate:

This picture was taken on November 24th, 2001 if that helps at all. Probably not!

A little departure from your standard "bluebird" shots, but I like this shot.
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Originally posted by SkiKing:
I agree the first one is Aspen. I'll guess Mammoth for the second. Haven't been there, so just a shot in the dark.
Sorry guys, had to work today.

First one is definatly aspen. I could tell you what mountain I was standing on, but then I'd have to kill you. No hard feelings though, it's one of those mountains only a few people know about, they don't want to share the freshies I guess. I had to go through a long process that invo....sorry, I've already said too much.

When I was flying out of aspen I also got pics of Snowmass, Highlands and Buttermilk. Too bad it was so overcast.

SkiKing is the closest for the second one, but it's not Mammoth. Mammoth is the closest in location to this resort however and the picture does look east. It was taken around the New Year of 2002, and yes, it was an above average snow year up to that point

edit: clarification

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SkiKing -

Nice shot! Whistler?

Tom / PM

PS (Edit) - I thought my post was going to immediately follow SkiKing's, so I had to add his name to clarify which picture I was referring to.

PS #2 - SkiMonkey: Humm ... June is the closest ski area to Mammoth, but, its N of Mammoth. Since this resort could be south of Mammoth, your statement doesn't necessarily imply that this actually IS June Mtn. Since I've never skied June or any of the SoCal resorts, I'm out of the running on this one.

PS #3 - For whatever reason, when there are this many pictures in a thread, often some of them don't display properly. Can I suggest that we start separate threads for each new group of pix, eg, "Guess Where Pix #3". Thanks.

PS #4 - This is great - every few hours a new, cool photo pops up - Its a good way not to think about the fact that its August and 97 F.

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Originally posted by Ski Monkey:
...Mammoth is the closest in location to this resort...
I should clarify, Mammoth is the closest of all the previous guesses in this thread. Sorry 'bout that.

Since it doesn't look like many people saw it and the other pic has been outed, I deleted the hint, it was too easy.

Let me say it's north of Mammoth.

edit: removed photo hint quoted in pman's next post.

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Originally posted by Ski Monkey:
... here is a pic from slightly farther along the ridge ... I'll post the answer in couple hours.
Bummer. You made it waaaaaay too easy having that sign in your last picture. Now I've got to recuse myself.

I hereby propose a "no-signs, nothing obvious" rule for this thread, its successors, heirs, and beneficiaries. All in favor, say Aye!

Tom / PM
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Skiking's looks like Whistler, well, actually blackcomb, 7th heaven to be presice...
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You know why its called 7th Heaven?

Well, with lighting like in SkiKing's picture, I fully expect to see Charleton Heston skiing down from the top in long robes, carrying two stone tablets.

Tom / PM
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