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3rd ski suggestions

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It's funny just how addictive skiing is.

http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...d+E liminator

Fast forward about one year. I'm still lurking here and reading and learning (thanks all!) I'm in the local beer league not quite in last place. I said I was done with racing. I lied. To myself. I'm slow but having fun and getting some decent time in the new gear.

My year old SpeedMachine 12's have new custom footbeds. I have a pair of Atomic GS11.21 @ 181cm and a pair of used (from eBay) Rossi Radical S in a 165 flavor.:They are way beyond my skill to take full advantage of. But I love the snap and pop, they make me feel like a hero!

I love the new shaped skis.

Me, updated a bit from last year:

Male, 6’2”, 240Lbs., 41
Solid 8 (- moguls perhaps 7+?)
Still avoiding bumps
Stilll more of a thug than a technician
on and off trail
not a powder hound
love the fast stuff (steep groomers)
Beer league (prefer GS to S and it shows in my times) lol
Mostly Michigan Alpine Valley, Pine Knob or Holly weekly. Boyne or Crystal 3 times this year.
Breck next month

Colorado is less than a month away. What ski would you put on the demo list to round out the 3 ski quiver?

Thanks all for any input.

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Buy a bigger mountain ski for Colorado and points west. Something 90-105 in the waist if you want to bring a pair of your skinnier skis too, or something 80-95 if you want a one-ski-quiver.
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