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First Time Buyer Needs Help Gettting Started

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Hello I have been skiing for 5 or 6 years. Through that time I have owned 1 pair of Rossignol Bandit (juniors?). Other than the 2 years that those fit I have always rented, and in the past 2 years I have been renting demos. I have finally convinced my parents to buy me a pair of skies, bindings, boots and poles. The only problem is I don't really know where to start.
-I enjoy glades, moguls, and will ski just about anything on a mountain.
-On occasion I will go into the terrain park.
-I live (and almost always ski) in the northeast
Could someone point me in the right direction of where to look?

Just to make matters more confusing, these skies cant be overly expensive.
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Welcome! You will find lots of information by researching on this site and I'm sure that someone from the EC will chime in and advise you of places to check out. First, provide more info if you can (where in the northeast?).

The first priority is always getting properly fitted boots. You mention that your parents are footing the bill - sounds like you are young and have some growing to do. Despite this, you will want boots that fit well and that will perform properly. Going to a shop that knows how to fit boots properly (vs. being boot sellers) is very important.

There are lots of all mountain twin tips that you can get fairly cheaply that might work back east (the K2 Public Enemy and Volkl Karma are skis that you might be able to pick up as used skis that could do what you want).

Hang around - better advice will be on the way, especially if you can provide more info about yourself and where you will be skiing.
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Thanks for the help. I am actually 16, and my doctor says that I should only grow another inch at most maybe two if im lucky. I live in MA but I ski anywhere in VT, NH, Maine. I ski at: Loon, Jay Peak, Sunday River, Sugarbush, Stowe and Bretton Woods. The real problem I have is finding a store that I can trust (although I was looking at a thread somewhere about good stores) if anyone knows any good stores in MA please tell me.
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Bump to help the newb! East coasters wanted to help out!
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Okay So im thinking about getting ROSSIGNOL BLAST SKIS which i found for 200 or DYNASTAR NOTHING BUT TROUBLE SKIS for 250. Any input on these two skis?
Bunch of questions
A) What is: Turning Radius and Slanting Sidewalls?
B) Any input on bindings just go with cheapest or will the bindings make a serious difference?
Still need help with boots.
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Not familiar with the Rossignol, but I have the Dynastar Big Trouble (a wider version of a similar construction as the Nothing But Trouble). I find my BTs great in a variety of conditions; with a narrower waist, the Dynastars that you are considering are worth a look. You may find similar skis at either www.backcountry.com or www.evogear.com. Both are reputable sites that do a lot of online sales. There are also some great shops represented on this site (SierraJim and Dawgcatching each have shops with great reps). Be sure to do your research. However, the Nothing But Troubles may be a great starting point. Remember that a twin tip will ski short because of the raised tail.

As for bindings, your height and weight will be helpful, but my guess is that any 12-din binding will be sufficient. You can get Rossignol Axial2 120 bindings or Look PX12 bindings quite cheaply and they hold up well.

To answer your question about turning radius and slanting sidewalls, others will offer more correct advice, but here goes: turning radius has to do with the sidecut of the ski. A higher turning radius will mean a straighter sidecut (less hooky in crud but not as easy to turn on groomed). More sidecut = more turnability for short turns. For what you are describing as wanting to ski, the Nothing But Trouble (or similar ski) should be fine. As for slanting sidewalls, that refers to the sides of the ski slanting out wider at the base than at the top sheet. My Volkl Karmas have this sidewall construction and they tend to have a bit more edge hold on firmer conditions than my BTs, which have vertical sidewalls. Not a big deal either way on most days to me.

As for boots, my strongest suggestion is that you research bootfitters in your area (have you checked the Ask the Boot Guys forum on this site?). It is not worth buying online only to find that you are in the wrong boot. Be sure to get a shell fit that is 1 to 1.5 cm behind your heel and be sure to try on a variety of boots for a fairly lengthy time before your buy em. Not a process to be rushed for sure.

Hope this helps a bit.
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Here's an example of the ski at evogear. A bit cheaper than what you quoted (not trying to torpedo a local shop - if you get good service there, then spend the extra $ in my opinion)

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