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Falcon 10 issues

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I have recently bought and put 7 days on a set of falcon 10 boots. I have insta print custom foot beds in them. I am told that I have a lot of proration and my ankle seem to roll in greatly when I place weight on the foot.
I have the following issues that my bootfiter can't seem to resolve.

First, my small toes on both feet begin to go numb very quickly after the boot is tightened (to any degree) . Also, some pain develops in the ball of my feet just behind and in (towards the center of the foot) from the small toes. Eventually, the front part of my feet begin to go numb. I also want to add that I feel no obvious pressure point anywhere in the boot. In fact, it feels to me like I have less support under the small toes then under the rest of the foot.

Second issue is that after a short time in the boots when I flex forward, I get a shooting pain running up and down the side and back my leg. In other words, it a pain that develops above the alkalies tendon and goes up towards the bottom of the calf.

During our meeting today which lasted for several hours of him trying to straigten out my stance and relive the above mentioned discomfort, he finally suggested that I go to the U.S. Orthotic Center in Manhattan where he said they can tweak the orthotic he made and also balance me out better. I feel a little upset by this since when I I first bought the boots and orthotics from him, he explained reverently tat they guarantee fit and comfort.

Any way, can anyone recommend some causes and solutions for these issues.
Thanks, Stas
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sounds very much like you have a limited dorsiflexion of the ankle caused by a tight calf muscle. some of the numbness could be coming for pressure on the top of the foot but i think the majority is your foot compensating for the lack of flexion....sounds like you need to talk with your boot fitter and discuss why you are upset..... there are several things that he/she can do but if the problem is to be resolved fully you may need to go to the place he suggests, it sounds like either the fitter you are using is either not very proficient or he has recognised a medical foot problem and is referring you to the relevent place.

first thing they should be doing is checking the range of motion and trying to accomodate it by opening the ankle joint and allowing you to use what range of motion you do have

good luck
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I agree with CEM on all Points. Ankle R.O.M. sounds key to your comfort.

In the New York area, Jeff @US Orthotics is a resource that many of the local shops use for problem solving.

If your current bootfitter is tapped out of ideas, passing you up the ladder is a good strategy.
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Thanks for the advice. I will call and ask for an appointment. Will he have to make another foot bed and if he does, should I ask for my money back for the previous one?

As in regards to limited mobility, the bootfiter said I have good range of motion, in the plane where motion is needed ( and to much where its not needed at all).

Also, as for pressure on top of the foot, when I flex forward, a pressure ridge develops in the bend where the foot and leg meet. It could be quite strong if I flex extremely (not the way I ski). The boot fitter tried to eliminate it by lowering my heel and making some other adjustments. I haven't skied the boots yet (this happened yesterday) but in the shop it seems like the result of the mods was to move the pressure ridge forward towards the toes and to the side. I originally thought that the pain in the back of the leg was attributed to this since the events occur simultaneously (during forward flex) but the fitter said they are independent. I am correct in understanding that the ridge is what could be causing the numbness in the front?
Thanks, Stas
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As far as the refund on the footbed, wait to see what can be done. The instaprint footbed can be easily modified and adapted.

For the rest of the equation of comfort and numbness, It still sounds like you have a lot going on. Communicate all of this at your next appointment.
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