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does anyone know what Salomon's spaceframe concept is all about?
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My understanding is that basically it just means a lighter tip and tail for them.

There is lots of verbage about the ti/alu composites they used to do this, and the sidewall structure thinning it allowed them to accomplish. And how now the weight is more concentrated under the foot which will allow faster rotation of the ski under the axis defined by your leg - and etc.

Bottom line: lighter tip and tail. :
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Skis like the Pocket Rocket and next year's AK Rocket Pilot are stiffer under the foot than previous AK Rockets, Super Mountains etc. while still maintaining a soft tip and tail. The new skis float well in the pow and hold better on the groom than previous models.
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Seems like I read somewhere that Salomon is using CAD/CAM to determine where force on the ski is highest and making it thicker there and lowest and making it thinner there. Stands to resone that forces r highest under your foot and lower at the ends so Todd's on the money!
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