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Leki Trigger Straps

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I have a pair of Leki Viper Airfoil poles w/Trigger Straps. The straps release from the poles so easily that they are useless. Any suggestions for mounting a fixed strap to these poles/grips?
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Hey Ken,

I haven't had any such issues with mine, but I can think of a couple possible solutions.

First, I've heard good things about Leki customer service. They might flow you some new grips.

Or... did your poles come with normal straps with the trigger attachment? If not I think I could probably find mine and send them to you. Then you could cement them in with some epoxy
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Thanks Bumpfreaq,

I hope your enjoying yourself in your home away from home. I just figured out that I had been putting the strap tip into the grip upside down. D'oh!
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Well that's an easy fix!

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Originally Posted by bumpfreaq View Post
Well that's an easy fix!

This is a door that is sooooooo wide open, I deserve a medal for not walking through it.
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