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finally some snow...

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late feb and early march are turning out some surprisingly heavy snowfalls... had 10" in the driveway this morning (not forecasted). we've gotten one or two substantial snowfalls a week for the past several weeks, w/ an inch or two almost every night. it's about friggin time. unfortunately a series of 40 or 50 degree days is all too likely this late in the year. what's the snowfall/weather like in the rest of the US?

(honest question, but doing my part to bury the spam, too...bugs me to see it on the homepage)
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winter storms expected this wed-thurs in Tahoe [img]smile.gif[/img]

Also re:spams, PM or email AC or myself (I can move or delete if it's real offensive) I'll leave blocking or more drastic measures to AC..
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