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Transpack Question

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I am looking for a pack to carry my boots, helmet and some gear. I have found the Transpack TRV online, but don't have the option to see one in person. Are there any other packs you would consider?
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I've used the TransPak for a few years and will get another when and if this one wears out. Don't know about others.
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Had one and never ended up using as a backpack - either slung it over a shoulder or attached to top of rolling bag - so now just have an REI square boot bag with more room.
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I've used one for about 10 years - bought one for each of the kids too. In addition to my boots, it has enough room for my helmet, etc., even a change of clothes if I pack carefully.
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been using it for years, fits in overheads as well.
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I also have a Transpack, though the smaller one (XT). I use it all the time to carry boots and random ski stuff while keeping both hands free for skis and poles. It works great.
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I just got one for this year, had been using a big boat of a boot bag before and just wasting space and energy to haul it around. I really like the Transpack, have been using it everyday that I have been out in Utah, 15 so far and it is really easy to pack and move gear with. I would recommend one.
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Mine works great. Highly recommend.
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Highly recommend it! My wife and I both have the XT, my son has the junior size. They work great for travel and keeping lots of your ski gear in one place your boots, helmet, goggles, gloves, etc.
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I just got a Transpack XT Pro. It fits fine in aircraft overhead compartments (e.g., 737) as long as the center compartment is almost completely empty. You could fit a helmet in the center, but not if you want it to fit in the overhead. For day trips I'll be keeping all my gear in it to carry from the car to the lodge.

The MRV is I believe the largest Transpack (10% larger than mine), and appears to close a bit more securely making it better if you wanted to check it in with the airlines. For example, I believe you can tuck the backpack straps away. I considered it but found a local XT Pro on-sale for $40 instead.

BTW, you can fit quite a bit of stuff in your boots and in front of the boots in the boot compartments. I had full ski gear, including goggles, gloves, hat, ski socks, under layers, shell pants, and shell top in my bag with only the shell top in the center compartment, just to remain ready to ski should the airline lose checked baggage.

I'm quite impressed with the bag quality and layout. I don't think you could go wrong with a Transpack.
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Transpack is good. Hot Gear Bag is better!
Check out this link on Epic.
Also Bud had a deal on them at his shop, and though that deal is gone, he'll be getting more in stock at some point.
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