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Prickly...I didn't know this

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I've been away 4 days and a whole has happened...
Surfing skiforum.it I read this:

As someone put it in there..."Mountains are Mountains"...
The victim's name sound "local" is that correct?
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Italian forums read like a restaurant menu to me.

They go better with wine.
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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post
Italian forums read like a restaurant menu to me.
Is http://google.com/translate?u=http%3...l=cs &ie=UTF8 better?

Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post
They go better with wine.
Well maybe not, still difficult to understand but no longer remind restaurant menu
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Dang! Its a tragedy (as are many things Italian), and my humor was misplaced.

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Uppps. Thousand apologies...I meant to write a brief translation of the article and discussion ensued but I forgot in the haste...
Well, what google translator says is quite amusing :

Mauro Gadola, 18enne di Prata Camportaccio did not have it done. The couple Sunday was the victim of a fall off along the path of Canalone to Madesimo while he was practicing with a downhill skis. Fatal the trauma reported during slipped downstream. Immediati rescue of 118. The eliambulanza him transported to Morelli. For him, however, there was nothing to do.

I tried to rework it to make it more understandable :
Mauro Gadola, 18 y.o., of Prata Camportaccio (the village he was originating from and living in) did not make it. The youngster Sunday was the victim of a fall off on the Canalone run in Madesimo while skiing. The fatal trauma happened because of a slip. The rescue team (118 is the one of the Italian equivalents of 911, the others being 112-Carabinieri and 113-Police) was immediately alerted. The medeva helicopter transported him to the "Morelli" (the valley hospital name). For him, however, there was nothing to do.

If not for the tragedy that it describes I would have chuckled.
Well, in short what happened is that this young guy was skiing on a very famous run in Madesimo, I'd say the best known off-piste run in our region, you see, it's the only off-piste that is to be considered "in-bound" here that I know of. Its main course is called "Canalone" (the "Big chute", loosely translated). There are two other variant, one is called "Il canalino delle streghe" ("the witches chute").
Apparently the victim was skiing down this variant when, because of lack of snow had to take off his skis and walk. Slipped and fell.
The place is quite beautiful but full of rocks...
What I am sorry is that the media is already taking hold of this and cry
"Killer mountains" and there are rumors of closing the run to public access...
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Ciao Matteo. Yeah, I was up there Sunday. Saw a huge group of rescue people down on the Canalone when I was above on the tram, later saw an evac helicopter. Didn't get any of the details until today (I was up at the hill; skipped Andermatt and skied Made instead).

No one knows exactly what happened, since the guy was skiing alone. He's a local guy, everyone knew him. One of my buddies skied the Cavallina, one of our most technical offpistes, with him last week, so he must have been pretty competent. We surmise that he was on the Strega (which is a very steep and narrow chute) and may have taken his skis off to traverse a section of rock.

A lot of snow has been blown off by heavy winds over the last couple of weeks, so the cover is kind of patchy over there. I don't usually ski the chutes in hard snow, but a lot of people have been doing them. It's frickin' dangerous, definitely a no-fall zone in these conditions. It's unfathomable that someone experienced would have taken their skis off.

Four other teenagers in the valley died in a car accident on Tuesday, again, well known to a lot of Made locals. The mood is really somber up there now.
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Ouch, those narrow mountain roads are really something not to be underestimated.
I'm sorry, it seems to happen a lot to young eagles...
How was your ski day? Yesterday, while working at the customer site I was thinking of you skiing in Switzerland, with envy. Not that the idea of Made, especially after the "Prickly pow thread", doesn't make me
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I decided to stay on the Italian side based on the weather, looked a bit grayer in Switzerland. It was a good day. I did 13 descents, between the Camosci and Canalone (with weekend crowds, you can maybe do 7 or 8). Morning was bit cloudy, but more than acceptable. Afternoon fantastic. I was alone most of the day. Snow is very good. Obviously avoided all the hairball stuff. I've got some video from last weekend, but having some file conversion problems, will try to work it out. Cheers.
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