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Old vs New Legend 8000

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Please forgive me if this subject thread already exists, but after my vain search attempts I was unable to find any info.

I'm considering purchasing some L8000s and notice online that many are available in both the new 07/8 model and older. They changed the dimensions for this season by slightly widening the tip and tail and thus changing the radius on a 178cm from 20m to 17m.

I got to demo the new model and found it to be extremely capable/enjoyable, but my buddy has the older model, raves about it and wonders why they would change a proven winner. I figure the lack of sidecut may have contributed to its popularity, so would you want more?

Searching the forums, I'm hard pressed to find a ski that is more universally liked than the 8000. So for any one out there with opinions on the old vs the new, I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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Couldn't go wrong either way. That's a great ski. If the cost difference isn't too much go with the new one.
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Interesting. I did not realize the radius was tighter for the new Legends. I love mine for high speeds, carving, crud busting, soft bumps, etc. I've wondered if it was just me or why it's simply harder to make quicker turns as the skis love GS turns. More than once, I've wondered what the next ski ought to be and a tighter radius keeps making sense (and possibly a little softer for bumps). Maybe the newer ones are the ticket.
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I just got the new ones and had a blast on them last week in CO; I saw the older version and, at least to me, "slightly widening the tip and tail" seems like an understatement. The shorter radius was the selling point for me. If you are searching for an online deal, be careful as some post a picture of the new version and send you the old, so I hear.
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i just tried the 07/8 8000 today in about a foot of pow in Vt. size was 172. I am very light. the waist is 81

I am new to fat skis so keep that in mind. the ski was Great in untracked snow (which doesn't last long around here). Also like a freight train in cut up powder. It seems to have a large turning radius(18) as i am used to slalom skis and mogul skis, so not that great in bumps. I really had to stand on it to get it to turn but it held up when i bombed the blues. I wish
it had more sidecut or something to make it turn easier once the pow is gone. more suited to out west i would say. I am still looking for a powder ski that is a bit more versatile or maybe i need to ski it shorter but then it would not float as well.
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IMHO, the 8K is a very good bump ski.
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Seems to do everything quite well and is almost universally liked by everyone - both old and new. I was hoping we could find someone who has tried both for a comparison...
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I skied both and really the only difference is the sidecut. The construction is the same and nothing has affected the skiability of this ski. The 8000 is a terrific ski for just about anything you want to ski
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