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Citizen's Arrest

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I was wondering if anyone knows of resort areas that have citizens' posses that help the patrol identify and apprehend skiers and boarders who are a risk to self and others? A citizen is thinking of setting up such a program and wants help presenting the idea to area management...

Thanks for any information.
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Identify...... perhaps?

Apprehend ...... not on a bet!

To be even remotely successful the initial ID of the "perp" could be provided to the paid patrol who would probably have to actually observe and witness the behavior prior to pulling a ticket ...... never on "hear say" of a non-staff member.

For a "civilian" to try to "apprehend" me would probably result in....

1. A great way to meet my lawyer.
2. A great way to be introduced to the martial arts and meet my lawyer.

Hell, I would probably even calling for Herman and the ACLU despite my usual disdain for their ilk!

Little words like "illegal restraint" .... would add to the tort ..... heck, I'm feeling IMPOTENT as I am typing this.
: :

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by yuki:
..... heck, I'm feeling IMPOTENT as I am typing this.
: :

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by nolobolono:
skiers and boarders who are a risk to self and others?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Seems vague. What may seem, "risk to self and others" to an outsider, may be complete control to the so called perp.

Comfort zone attendant: Slow down you're in the comfort zone.

Fast skier: I'm comfortable!
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just like most things in life everybody has a biased opinion relitive to their fears & capabilities I drive an 1100 pound tunnel boat over a hundred mph most people in the small florida coast town I live in think I'm crazy some even call the marine patrol to complain claim my testing is reckless operation :not: just like george carlin said anyone driving faster than you is a maniac but anyone driving slower than you is an idiot' you can ski fast & in control
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Uhhhhh! This is a forum about skiing on FROZEN water. Florida is a wonderful place though!
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There would be too much room for abuse. Then every paranoid snowplowing beginner would be pointing out everyone that comes within 10 feet of them and goin faster than 5 mph.
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I take it you don't like the idea. I agree with the commentator who said volunteer apprehension would be out of the question.

But think for a moment where this idea comes from. It comes from someone who has experienced terror on the slopes, not from terrain but from out of control skiers and boarders who have a flagrant unconcern for the safety of others.

Are the other people on the slopes becoming the major risk factor in our adrenaline sport? Almost everyone I know who wears a helmet does so because of fear of personal assault, negligent battery, etc., not for fear of hitting their head on a rock or a tree. They don't get near enough to the rocks and trees to entertain those risks.
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....skiers and boarders who are a risk to self....

Why are Americans such pussies? Skiing is a risky sport. Deal with it. If every person who put themselves at risk of injury were to be apprehended, then there would be NOBODY LEFT. Take some responsibility for your own actions morons, leave the rest of us alone.. Who are you to judge weather or not I am exceeding a proper fun/danger ratio? Endangering others? Okay, Maybe speeding on a green run… but if it’s an advanced or expert run, then just get the fu*k out of the way.

Just what we need, more dumbasses trying to tell me what to do. Goddamn lawyers.

How about we start a patrol to identify and beat up any beginner snowboarder caught sideslipping through the untracked powder of an expert run?

Nolobolono, Go find your friend and let her know that she should just stay home where it’s nice and safe.
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The "mechanism" is already in place at EVERY area. The ski patrol (paid or volunteer) as well as "slope security staff are already "empowered" to do the job. They just don't do it. Why? They "cling" to every ticket purchaser and don't want the reputation of being a tough mountain .... because the hill down the road will get the business.

The mountain administration controls the staff and the "policies" that they enforce or, in this case do not enforce.

Back in the 60's it was not uncommon to be given a warning by the NSP. Of course, back in those days we were expected to call out things like "track right" before executing a pass. Welcome to the "in yo face .... Hey! It's a free country" .... 00's.
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Couldn't have said it better if I tried.

People come to this sport because it offers a small degree of adventure in the otherwise pasturized world that earth's become. Then they try to make the sport more predictable - which essentially takes away the thing that drew them (and everyone else) to the sport in the first place.

These posts about 'policing' the slopes, and 'mandatory helmet' laws, etc. just shows me there's people on this board who get more enjoyment out of telling other people what to do than they'll ever get out of skiing.

As Schmidt put it so eloquently: "These people should be shot!"
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Nice display of openmindedness CheapSeats and Geoff. Do you always go off like that when someone brings up a point that you disagree with? The person who made the suggestion is a life-long skier, someone who loves the sport (as I imagine you do, in your full-jones fashion), and would like to invite her grandchildren to join her without feeling that she's exposing them to danger.

Get a clue guys. The sport needs her more than it does you. Learn to ski responsibly and suggestions like this wouldn't come up.
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Geoff & Cheap:

Note that nolo indicated that this was to nail the maniacs. That was pretty clear... just what part of the sentence was beyond your comprehension?

Education may be obtained in several ways. One of those is through reason and dialog. The other ways are more immediate and direct.

In YO FACE ....... okie dokie!

There are days when your existence relies upon the kindness of others...

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Isn't it great to live in a world where we can have so many different opinions/attitudes and stills co-exist?
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Good idea in concept. THere are times on the hill would love to go up to some chowder head a yank a ticket for being a dumbass.
But empowerment is a dnagerous thing. Nothing worse than someone who doesn't have any power thinking they do. I tend to lean more on the opions of Geoff and Cheaps because I do not want some empowered citizen to approach me when I'm going faster than they think I should, but am in complete control.
If the Patrol made it clear that on main runs they will pull tickets for people being reckless in congested areas and made a point of making sure a Patroler was present in those areas we would not be having this conversation.
Bottom line, there will always be an idiot, and there will always be the self-righteous. Let's just put those two people in a locked cage together and let them figure it out for themselves.
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Actually, if we put all the idiots and self-righteous people in the cage, there'd be a heck of a lot more room on the slopes for ME!
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I think we need a group to monitor the citizens posse. But who will monitor them?

Be responsible, use common sense.
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Could I suggest we get a consultant in to draw up some proposals.
Actually, if you want, I'll do the consultancy. $1,800 per day plus expenses.

I'll start my research next week in Whistler if you don't mind, so please send me an order number , or just a blank cheque (or check for the non-English) made payable to Consultancy About Skiing Hazards (or just make it out to C.A.S.H. for short) and send it to my bank in the Grand Cayman Islands... [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Mt. Ashland in Oregon doesn't have a posse but they do have people that volunteer to monitor skier & boarder speeds in congested areas on weekends & during holidays. The volunteers agree to work so many days and get a free pass in return.

An interesting side note of the program. Repeat offenders, especially teenagers, are required to work with the speed monitors in order to get their season pass back.
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Thanks, Rio, for pointing out an example of where this is done. That was the request.

Do you ski at Bridger? A righteous place that is.

I appreciate the opinions of the others. I don't want to add restrictions. You might say that I am seeking out alternatives to full body armor, which I would find very restrictive.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by nolobolono:
......identify and apprehend skiers and boarders who.........<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Mmmm, sounds like physical confrontation, pursuits on the mountain, untrained and unaccountable goons operating under the umbrella of resort safety: can't say I share much enthusiasm for this...... :
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nolobolono -

I moved to Bozeman in 2000 & get my pass at Bridger. Fun mountain. I was considered a fanatic skier where I moved from (Southern Oregon) but I only reach the level of avid skier compared to some of the locals. I do sneak down to Big Sky now & then....talk about an awesome mountain when they have snow.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Lucky:
[QB]But who will monitor them?

Is that like asking "Who will protect us from our protectors?"
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Nolobolono ask the question do we know of some resort or ski mountain that had citizen posses.Posses may be to strong of a word. Most major resorts have "Mountain Host" The job of the host is to assist guest in a number of diffrent ways.They give directions help people read the trail map,assist with minor gear problems ect... The Host is there to give the guest a better on mountain experience.They are not there to be another layer of on mountain policing.If they do spot someone that is out of control or reckless, they do call the ski patrol and report the matter.As it has already been stated They do this volunteer work one or two days a week to be able to ski or ride the rest of the week for a ski pass.The paid Patrollers seem to like this arrangment.By the way most Patrollers don't like the "Cop" part of the job.Pulling a lift pass is the last thing that they want to do.If you want to hurt yourself by taking on terrain that is far above your ability or ski like an blind bat out of hell on an empty run go for it.They Have the toboggan there ready and waiting to take your broken body down the mountain.If You are putting others at risk then yes they will take care of that situation.Most in this forum except the and even need the risk that is inherent in skiing.If I choose to put myself at risk then that is my business.The risk that I don't except is the risk of being hurt by another skier.

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An euro opinion...

Safe skiing = ability to avoid collisions and other situations that can cause bodily harm.

This DOES NOT mean that skiing fast is dangerous that many people seem to think it is.
Therefore it is best to leave evaluation of people's skiing safety to professionals.

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The way things are going in this country I expect to see Judge Dreed on the slopes policing the perps next winter.

I am more scared of getting shot in the street by some freaked out and legally armed individual than getting run over by an out of control skier\boarder.

Perspective folks .....


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I am the law!!
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Ryel, You got it. Where does it stop?
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At my local area they have "courtesy patrollers" aka "nazi speed police". They have nothing better to do than stand around and yell at whoever happens to be the fastest person on a slope. I think they are just the bitter and twisted individuals that the real ski patrollers don't like but can't get rid of. When I rode lift with one he refused all attempts at conversation.

The thing is, while watching out they stand in areas where they can't be seen from above, breaking the safety code. They have no idea about getting beginners away from jump landings or marking hidden hazards. They are completely clueless.

I totally agree with Geoff and Cheapseats skiing is a risky sport, get over it.
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