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Italian Indoor Speed skating championships

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Lignano Sabbiadoro (near Venice), by the seaside.
Sport palace
4 days (plus wednesday to tests the course) of races...
I'm back since Monday but was too tired (and a bit ill with cold and whatever, the cold weather there sapped my energy away) for anything
but work...
Last week (Thursday to Sunday evening) I was away attending the inline speed skating indoor italian championship my son was racing in...our team (his trainer and my GF are one and the same person...) went in all toghether.
It's been more of an holyday for him than a real stressfull happening. But this way he had the possibility to watch more experienced skaters and even meet boys/girls his age from other regions of Italy...
i wish he came home more satisfied by the experience (beyond asking for his commitment and enthusiasm I did not ask anything else, I don't want to burn him by pretending medals or wathever, to me, it is enough that he commit himself fully enough, both during training and during a race, to reach his worth. I mean, if he's worth 11th place in a race, so be it as long as he sets himself to reach that.
Other team members had better "numbers" to bring home medals and maybe a title, but as it went, well, unfortunately we didn't. The subject is vast and generalized to all junior sporst IMHO and would merit to be discussed in depth, another time.
I wish he were ski racing but, hey again, that's the way it goes. We're too far from any ski race program. Beside, speeskating is what he likes.
The stress has been all mine...wednesday wake up very early-drive-sit and watch-walk back and fro from cafeteria and room-sleep (I did manage to squeeze two 1km swimming sessions at the local pool though)-repeat for thursday-friday-saturday-Sunday 8drive home too).

This said, it's been four cold, windy days of sitting and watching childrens, teens and adults "battle" on 8 wheels...
And what battles those were (especially for the adults)

Here's a small video of Matteo Amabili (one of the racers) with an action cam mounted on his helmet during a training session taken from the official organizer's site

And here is my son, Mark, "in action"

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He looks in pretty good shape on those pics!

So your GF is a great skater eh?
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Nobody's girlfriend, if I remember correctly, is a former world class inline skater, no less. And super nice, too. I could see how she would be a good, positive coach.
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Wow, Can I take lessons!
I just got into inline a bit last summer but never really made much progress.
Though, it kept me in shape!
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Does Mark do any skating on ice too?
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Nice underpush! Do you have a good indoor rink near you?

I know a few racers that are just addicted to the sensation of cornering 95As on a nice new-coated floor, it is so different than outdoor.
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Well, the picture makes him better than what he actually was...
He did not train as well as his coach (and me) would have liked due to
a couple of flu episodes and school needs and as a consequence wasn't
really in the right shape.
He tried to make that up with his "aggressiveness" but couldn't do much against
boys in better phisical shape.
No, he doesn't ice skate, we don't have an ice skate rink near us. I
understand that ice skating is a very popular sport in Holand/Belgium...

Sure Trek, that's the reason (to try to stay in shape) I started to skate
so not to loose to much during summer time. I'll never be a good skater
but I do enough to keep me satisfied.
Come on over and we'll skate around a bit (and ski of course)!

Laura was a high level inline skater, competing for the Fila team
with her brother (who still races, so much he enjoys to skate, even if the
Fila team has been disbanded two years ago) and Ippolito Sanfratello (Turin winter Olimpics gold
medalist and now Italian coordinator, or head coach, of all inline speed skates natl teams)
just to throw names around...I think one of the Americans who were ice racing
in Turin (for U.S.A. of course) was one of her team mates too but I can't
remember the name...probably Chad Hedrick but I'm not sure.
She retired from competitions in 2001-2002 but in 2007 she donned once more
the racing suit to help her co-coach and one her "pupils" to form a relay
team to compete at the regional championships. With virtually no training
she kept contact with the other competitors during her turn and they
nearly qualified for the 2007 Italian championships...
The december fall while skiing has deprived her teammates of the
possibility to try again this year (and surely to qualify)...
I feel so responsible for that...
And yes, she loves to coach and is really very good with her "pupils", her goals
are to obtain the most out of everyone, that's her idea of a winner, someone
who gives everything and gets his worth in recongnition (what i was
saying earlier...if one is worth 11th place and then reaches it or better it
even by a little, the he/she is a winner).
BTW one of her "pupils" won the Italian marathon cup 2007 and
classified 5th in the 5000mt points at these championships.

Comprex you mean, like this:
or this

This is our top athlete in the young categories (same category as Mark)

Number 12 is Laura's brother (unfortunately he doesn't race for "our" team):
During the relay

The Team do train on a wooden surface, in fact a multi purpouse Basket-
Volleyball-handball "sport palace" like the one the champinships have been disputed,
purposuedly for that reason from october till hte indorr championships
then trains outside on the team own rink and of roads to get ready
for the rest of the season
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Oh, BTW Seniors (both male and female) were authorized to race on 110mm wheels...
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Matteo, the only other obvious-to-me examples that show how far the stance leg kicks before the crossover leg lands are:




both skaters, though the front guy is obvious.

I'd say Mark is doing pretty well technically, even if he didn't have the power that day.

This pic:


really gets me excited to skate indoors. Some of the other guys look a bit unbalanced, like a mis-timed or overcooked turn entry.
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Originally Posted by Nobody View Post
Oh, BTW Seniors (both male and female) were authorized to race on 110mm wheels...

INTERESTING. Excellent, really.
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