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Elan Magfire 10 vs. Dynastar Contact 9 or 10

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I have just joined the forum and I've been getting a lot of help from Dawgcatching about my next set of ski's (this guy really is as helpful and knowledgeable as people say). I've narrowed it down to a couple of contenders and wanted some help on the final decision and also any input on the best ski length for my height weight - I'm 5' 10" and 150 lbs.

So the contenders are the Elan Magfire 10 and the Dynastar Contact 9 or 10. All seem pretty capable ski's with enough performance and forgiveness. I'm returning from a few years boarding and my skiing experience is comfortably is in the level 7 category although I'm not particularly aggressive these days. I've skied a lot in Europe but these days mostly ski in the East.

I'm looking at either the 160 or 168 in the Magfire and the 165 or 172 in the Contacts.

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Im 5'7" and 150lbs. I own the Mag 10's 160s (last years model) and I love them. I know they can handle all sorts of conditions with ease. I recently returned from Mt. Snow in VT and they handled loose frozen granular one day and complete slush the other. When shopping for my Mag 10's many places had none in stock but recommended the Contact 9's and 10's. The Mags can make short and long turns and can handle a variety of speeds, but I find that I tend to ski a lot faster and more in control than i did with my old skis. They do turn easier at higher speeds though.
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Great info. Did you try out the Dynastar Contacts at all before you bought the Magfire's? What made you choose the Elan's?

Any thoughts on the length of the Elan's? Their website suggests a 168 for someone of my height although I always thought skis were based more on weight.
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I too am in the same category, looking at the mag 10s

my concern is that it wont be a fast enough ski with short enough turns for me any thoughts on this anyone?
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I skied Contact 9 demo skis for a season and Fischer Rx4's before that. I liked the Rx4's more than the Contact 9's. Although the Contacts are supposed to be a more advanced ski. They were able to handle more speed than the fischers, but they did not hold as well on ice and eastern hardpack. They were also a bit soft/less stiff. I've added the link to my post earlier this season when i tested several skis. I wound up with last years Elan Mag 10's. I lvoe them. They have allowed me to become a better skier. They are forgiving yet allow for all the aggressiveness I can muster. I ski all blues and majority of blacks in teh Catskills and just returned from Gore where we skied the thinner (less trees, more open)glades, some frech snow about 6", and the groomers - all with great results (okay, I suck in the glades. but the skies were fine, it was the pilot who could use more help).

I hope this helps:

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