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Here is a long overdue report for a ski that I skied at the Holimont Bears gathering.

Skier type: Level 9, Weight 200lbs, height 5'9", boots, Salomon Falcon 10.

The Hart Phoenix is an all mountain type ski with a sidecut somewheres around 15-16 meters. The length that I was on was 166cm and the bottoms and tune were right out of the box. Phil was kind enough to let me demo these skis.

Right off the bat I can say that I probably should have been on a longer version of this ski. In this length I was able to overpower the skis at times while carving on steep terrain. None the less this ski does a pretty good job as an all mountain ski. It has some rebound and can be lively if driven from the sweet spot. This ski does not mind the occasional leveraging of the tips and responds well in all conditions.

This ski was a bit tenuous on ice and showed a speed limit but I suspect these things would tend to disappear with a longer length.

I was not able to overpower this ski in general hard pack conditions but when I laid this ski over on high edge in icy conditions on steep terrain the edge tended to wash more in a "I don't want to grip" more than a chatter. I suspect this might also disappear with a longer length.

I skied some easy bumps and found these skis to work well there as they are a bit forgiving.

My conclusion: Overall I liked this ski and would recommend it to level 7-8 skiers or level 9 skiers wanting a forgiving all mountain ski for soft/hard pack conditions. Lighter skiers would find this ski lively and far easier to bend into an arc than say an Atomic race stiff ski. Would I buy a pair? I probably would if I was looking for an all mountain ski for days when I just don't feel like charging at mach schnell. It is a nice ski if racing isn't your style.