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Skiing and the "recession"?

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I've noticed here in Park City that: ski shops are hiring on fewer people, PCMR isn't offering the same levels of service (fewer employees), as well as other examples of cutbacks that seem to be related to the national economic trend. I know that this is also "Olympic" related, but are other resorts and areas being similarly affected?
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I think it is a little early to tell,but remember that many of the Rocky Mountain resorts are dependent on air travel to bring a lot of their guests.

Also the new additional hassels at the airports may be making people think twice about these new security requirements as it effects taking ski equipment on a trip thus making ski trip travel even more inconvenient.

Also winter is just now making its first "real" appearance east of the Mississippi, so don't give up yet. Think positive, and may be the season will be just fine.
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I've noticed a few trends in Colorado, specifically Summit County, but I've talked to friends in Aspen too. Most of the resorts seem to be opening like normal. There was a general lack of hiring in late October and early November partly due to 9/11, but also due to the lack of snow. Most of the resorts seem to have ramped up for Christmas like normal.

Local businesses seem to be much more cautious. While last year you couldn't swing a cat without finding someone who was hiring, this year its harder. Instead of being able to choose from a lot of jobs, most of the seasonal ski-bums are taking what they can get. (A look in the Summit Daily classifieds will show about half as many jobs.)

Even worse off are businesses that rely on air travel. I rode Resort Express to the Denver airport last week and had a chat with the driver about their bookings. From the sounds of it they're way down compared to past years. Then again, a lot of people only started booking lodging for spring break a few weeks ago. A friend of mine runs a business that caters to destination skiers and he said making it until February will be hard but he has a lot of guaranteed business then.

Overall, I'd have to say you're not going to find lift lines much shorter in Colorado, nor are you going to find much cheaper lodging. What you will see are more promotions like Vail is doing where if you book air travel they'll throw in some perks (free lodging and lift tickets for kids, etc).
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Yep things are very quiet. Christmas is busy but pre Christmas and January are grim. I am amazed how many Europeans & South Americans have made the journey to the land of snow. They seem to be keeping the top end business afloat. Local fly ins are way down. A big thank you to the easteners that are making the long road trip to Summit County.


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Speaking as someone who has lived under the threat of terrorism for most of my life, no one is going to scare me off the slopes.

Speaking as a European: I ski. I'll go where I have the most fun skiing. And if the slopes are deserted cause others don't want to travel, all the better!

With the recession, money may be tight, but you just have to prioritise: I guess I won't be buying a DVD recorder, or 3G phone this month, but I'll make sure I have a few pounds set aside in case I can get some time off to go skiing. [img]smile.gif[/img]

My 2 cents (yep, that's what they're calling euro pennies, and they are tiny!)

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Thanks for the feedback, here in Utah with the Olympics it really is a bit tough to gauge things - even before September, many businesses were talking about a 10-20% hit due to the Olympics and the perception of many people that the entire season would be too busy to bother coming. :

Any other thoughts?
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