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Schweitzer, Silver, Lookout

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Previously posted elsewhere, now added here upon reccomendation....
I just stumbled upon your board today while searching for Idaho/montana info. Will be heading to the above mentioned areas this week, Thursay-Friday-Saturday. Can anybody offer up any advice for any of the areas? I would be forever in debt and promise to post a thorough trip report upon my return home.

I'm not looking to learn any super-duper local secrets, just info like where to find good upper intermediate tree shots, where to park, which lifts to avoid(and when), must ski trails, etc.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!!!

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You picked a great year for this trip, all those places have had a lot of snow.

Get the ski and stay package at the Kellog Super 8 (right next to the Golndola House). There is no place to stay at Lookout, nothing there really but skiing. Schweitzer has a nice little town below it called Sandpoint, you may enjoy going out to a bar or restaraunt more there than in Kellog, which is pretty lame.

At Silver, "The North Face glades" are my favorite terrain, Wardner Peak has some nice glades off it skiers left as well, and there are little glades off the backside that are intermediate and nicley space.

Lookout and Scweitzer are pretty obvious, both have lots of nice glades.

You won't be far from Montana Snowbowl in Missoula when you're at Lookout and you'll be really close to Turner Mountain when you're in Sandpoint. Those places are both worth checking out. Turner has been awesome this year, they've had tons of snow, but we're in a High Pressure holding pattern right now and Turner has very little grooming, but they have excellent glades.
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Inland PNW

Joe, sorry I missed your posting. In case you take a look. I would be willing to be you guide at Silver on Sunday. I know this is probably too late but missed you when you posted. Probably was skiing. I know Silver very well and would be happy to show you around.
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Silver's largest party of the year is this Sat on Mtn. As for blue tree skiing it is off chair 2 at Silver, North Face Glades have best snow due to aspect but are definitely black runs. Enjoy.

Pete, thanks for the Red ticket had a great time.
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