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Next ski for me

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Ok so I am a 20 year-old level 7-8 skier 5'9" 135 lbs.

I ski 90% in the East skiing park and hard and fast on the groomers all day.

I have the park ski covered with my Troublemakers, but they are slowwwwww edge to edge, and being nearly center mounted, are a workout to carve all day.

I want to add a Supercross type ski to my stable, and I want an Atomic.
Right now, I am between 4:

'06-'07 SX Ti 161 cm
'06-'07 SX 9 158-161 cm
'05-'06 SX 11 160 cm
'04-'05 SX 10 160 cm

I've seen the SX Ti's in person and they feel STIFF. Is a guy my size going to be able to flex these things? Is this going to be a problem with my other choices?

I'd appreciate your input bears!

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If you already decided to buy an Atomic, why ask us which year?

You're going to get bigger. (5'9" and 135 @ 20 will grow.)

Titanium rules for arcing, and it does not make skis stiffer as most assume. The non-titaniums will be just as stiff but will be lighter, more managable, yet... won't stick like the tititanium.

So- you want nimble or stickiness? Stickiness = titanium '06-07.
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