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Ski Recommendation

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I'm looking for a new set of boards. I've been skiing since I was 5 and racing since age 7. Raced in Nor-Ams and FIS races until college then raced D1. Was on the D team for a few years but had my knee done three times.

Always used my GS or Super G as all mountain. I ski the groomers, crud, back country, powder even a few bumps here and there.

I currently have a couple pairs of race stock Rossignol 9X GS skis but they are a few years old now.

Normally would get a set of race stock GS boards and call it good. There has been so much change lately I thought I would get some recommendations. The racer in me still wants a set of Atomic race stock GS 12.
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If you're looking for an all mountain carver, then you may as well just get another race stock ski since that is the direction you're leaning.

If you want to really make a change and add something fun to your quiver, then go for a midfat. Perhaps something that is a good balance between the freight train feel, and a free ski...........Titan Cronus comes to mind, as well as the Head iM78 or 82. The Hot Rod Series with Nordica has a bunch of option that fill that midfat gap and keep some comfort zone of someone who's coming from race stock skis.
Nordica Afterburner comes to mind.

Demo and have some fun!
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Good advice , but if you do look at the Nordica I would check out the Top Fuel and Jet Fuel. Jet Fuel is the same ski as the Afterburner but with metal which will give you that more damp feel of a GS ski.
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Thanks for the replies. My only experience for an all-Mtn ski is a GS ski. I'm sure the newer all-mtn skis are better for varied terrain. I will demo some but I need to realize I do not need the top-o-line race ski anymore.
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