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Motion System

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I feel that the Motion System and may be all intergraded binding systems takes way from the feel and pop in a ski. Atomic's binding and plate seems to work well but Volkl's, I think I like there skis without the motion system. How do other people feel?
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I have the G-3 with a free flex SC9 free-flex tyrolia with the 15mm speed plate. I took it up to Tahoe along with the Vertigo motion , both 184.Only two differences , one the lifter and two my set up was a lot heavier when I carried them to the lift.I think manufactures should provide the choice , ie vertigo motion or G-3 , because of binding loyalties.I prefer the 28mm elasticity of Tyrolia on my G-3 for bumps and pow but opted for the motion Marker piston and comstock piston on my GS p-50 race . I had a choice
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I skied rutted, frozen, crud, real "coral" snow, the other night on my Volkl P50 GSR's with Motion System and I really appreciated the way they removed the "feel" of skiing over that stuff. Judging by the racket they were making over that surface you'd have thought I was getting quite a vibro-massage but the feeling was relatively smooth and I felt in good control. The pistons must have been taking a terrible beating though. I found myself checking them for leaks afterwards. I wonder how long these things hold up? They seem like pretty small shock absorbers, considering the size of the vehicle.
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With the integrated systems and free-flex plates it all depends on which part of the binding is fixed and which is floating. I definitely favour a fixed toe like Look/Dynastar and Rossi (the autodrive plate is not a true integrated system). With a floating toe I do feel very detached from front the ski, while being detached is sometimes good the difference in feel is like the skis are going from being an extension of your body to a dead limb. All the integrated systems look like lame ducks to me. I'll be sticking with my Looks.
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I like any system that reduces the sole of the boot effect in the equation for determining the radius of the ski along any part of its length. There is no denying the difference. The motion does it by attaching the binding fore and aft mid foot. The others with a floating heel do it at the front binding somewhere. Whatever works for you. But putting that huge piece of stiff plastic as a conjugate beam with the center of the ski should be a thing of the past.
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