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Volkl Karma 177 v 185?

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24 yrs old
Level 6
Terrain 60/30/10 piste/powder/park
Ski in Alps for 2 weeks (sometimes more) a year.

I have decided on these skis but need advice on suggested lengths and mounting points.

I did a quick search on this forum and many are saying that the 177 is the length to get and that the 185 offers very little in terms of extra stability and is harder to bring round. Given my skill level and intended use I am edging towards the 177cm, especially for maneuverability in the park (where I am a beginner) and the groomers where I spend a lot of my time messing about and making short/medium turns.

Also where do you suggest I mount? I'm considering going a cm or so forward of the freeride point, would this be wise?

Many thanks for your help and advice.
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At your height, it would be silly not to get the 185cm. The 177cm would be too short (it skis like a 170 cm traditional ski).

I mounted on the FR mark, and later adjusted the bindings (RailFlex) to +1.5cm. I liked that a lot better for all-mountain use.
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+2 on the 185. The twin tip will make it ski a bit shorter than it's actual length and you're a pretty tall guy who won't have nay trouble turning that ski
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I'm 165 wet and the 177 works best for me, but a touch short at speed.
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I would do a 177 in this ski, especially at a level 6. It will work a little better in the park, and is easier to deal with on piste.
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