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The I-80 commute, why??

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This past weekend, as I was driving eastbound on I-80 through the Sierra, I was amazed at the lack of movement of the westbound flow. I do not crest the Sierra very often so I was truely perplexed at this phenomenon. For 2 hours of my 4 hour drive the westbound traffic was moving no faster than 20 MPH and at times it was a complete standstill. It was pretty cool though to see all the different types of vehicles that were returning from the Burning Man celebration.

Is this traffic pattern pretty typical for a Sunday in the winter? Eastbound, my cruise control was locked at 70 mph for 90% of my trip.

I've seen many post regarding I-70 but not much comment regarding I-80.
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hey DD
Welcome back.
Yeah on a Sunday afternoon or monday afternoon on a 3 day weekend that's pretty normal.
That's another reason I like skiing Sugarbowl. Don't have to go over the summit and can usually beat the crowd out by hitting the road right after the chairs close.
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Also the reason I like skiing kirkwood. Never anyone on route 88. It doesn't really go anywhere (other than kirkwood).
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Try going 1-80 when its snowing it is truly the biggest gaperfest ive ever seen, and damm scary at that.Elouns you are right about 88 the only prob is they shut down the w side of the pass quite often.I got my Wood pass info last week ,sighned the L.RAgreement put it in the mail ,and i am set.Pray for a early season.
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When it's snowing, the drive can suck. The big powder weekend in February last year (you remember about 5-ft over 3 days) it took 4-hours from Truckee to Auburn (a normal one hour). However, most times it's not too bad if you leave Truckee later, like around 7:00 PM. We do a winter ski lease so have a place to go back to after skiing to get cleaned up and let the roads thin. At that time it can be 3-hours or a little less to Marin County.
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I think the traffic last weekend was aggrevated by a couple of things, the holiday weekend, the burning man festival, and the construction for like 20 miles along 80 (each side of Truckee) which has a posted and CHP monitered 55 mph speed limit, then toss in 2 big rigs cruising side by side for miles, and viola instant traffic snarl.
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not to mention the grass fires on the side of the highway...I can only assume started by idiots flicking thier smokes out the window.. I passed 3 fires on the way back from Tahoe last Monday. Not only was this annoying from a traffic build up perspective but the stupidity and carelessness of it all made it even more frustrating ! Do people not understand the meaning of "extreme fire danger" ?
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I agree about the carelessness and/or stupidity of some people. On Monday August 13, we were leaving Truckee after a week vacation. The Emigrant Fire had just closed I-80 so we were stuck in very slow traffic from Truckee along the west shore to South Lake. Some bozo in front of us threw a cigarette butt out of the car. But we know who the real butt was! I just wanted to smack him. For all we knew at the time, that could have been the cause of the Emigrant Gap fire.
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Try living east of all those damn fires. Since the Martis fire on Fathers Day, Reno has been under a pall of thick smoke way more often then I'd like to remember. The Star Fire, which started August 25th is still sending smoke into our area even today. It gets very thick in the mornings then half the valley clears up by afternoon(depending on wind direction. Last Wednsday we awoke to clear skies then the wind kicked in, over the course of two hours the mountains to the west, from North to South, went from from crystal clear to total obscurity and then back to crystal clear. The south stayed covered all night. As I type this I can feel smoke in my lungs and smell it in the air, for about the 10th night out of the last 15. It sucks!!
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We'll all be happy when the rainy season starts - for the fire prevention and the possibility of snow.
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