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Between boot sizes

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Brand new user. The forums are incredibly informative. Unfortately, I may have discovered EpicSki a bit too late. Specifically, after returning to skiing after a long absence, I bought a pair of "better" Salomon boots in size 29. My feet measure 288 cm and/but I have 11 mm clearance when I remove the liner (which I learned from this forum). At this point, I would be a level 6, I believe, with only limited aspirations for progressing past the 6/7 level. I have not yet worn the boots on the slopes (I have been renting this season). They actually seem perfect here in the living room, but I am now very concerned that they are going to "pack out" and wind up too large. Reading this forum, it appears I am right about on the borderline for my skiing level. My question is whether I should bite the bullet and go for fitting and, presumably, new boots, or is there a "down-the-road" fix for these shells?

Thank you in advance for your assistance/advice.

BTW, I am old (58), medium width and easy to fit with off-the-rack shoes.

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11mm shell fit for your ability sounds about right. they next size down will be a 1 to 3mm shell fit (too tight)
you can add some bits of padding later under the footbed, or around the heel.

ski them, enjoy, and deal with mods to the boots later
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With 11 mm behind your heels, you are well within the correct range for this boot. If you feel unsure, check with a bootfitter and try on boots in the next shell size down. You have to be able to "tolerate" a closer fit that a smaller shell will create. If you are "tolerant", a smaller shell will always provide you with more performance and better feel. Last, its better to make a smaller boot bigger then bigger boot smaller.
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Thanks for the replies. I feel better. However, now that I know how to measure shell-fit, I find my wife has 22 mm clearance in new boots she says are "just right." She is also around a level 6 and will be perfectly content to stay there. What do we do when her boots eventually (slowly, in her case) pack out? Would the concept of padding around the heel as suggested by "mntlion" work for her at that time?

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might help, but just like some people like a 3mm shell fit, some can handle the looseness of a 22mm one too. Odds are she will find them too loose and some things like pads or extra footbeds might make it better, but a boot one size donw will be better in the long run.
Hers will be "just right" now, but too big long term

the next size down will be "way too tight" right now, but will pack out to be fine.
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