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Renting skis in Whistler: how wide by default? Head 82 or 88?

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I'm heading to Whistler and renting some skis when I'm there. I can change depending on snow conditions but have the chance to reserve a pair to wait for me when I get there.

I'm debating between the Head Monster 82 and 88, in 183 and 186, respectively. Is there a big difference between these two skis? Which is a good default ski that will work well in the softer stuff yet still allow me to carve nice turns?

I have tried the Head 82 for a day last May at Whistler, where conditions were a dusting over a soft ice base and found them to be fantastic. I really liked how stable they were on edge. Is the 88 a considerably worse carver?

Just for background, my Eastern quiver consists of race stock GS and SL and a pair of Pocket Rockets (90 waist) for deeper and rockier days. I'm a 22 year old coach and racer.
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If your regular skis are race stock, and you ski the Monster 88, be prepared to put your Pocket Rockets on eBay or craigslist. It's a far superior ski in every aspect except forgiveness. Don't bother with the 82mm Monster. The 88mm will do all the same things and do them with more flotation. You won't give up a thing worth complaining about on the groomers or hardpack. Maybe a fraction of a second slightly slower edge to edge, and if you can detect it, give yourself a hand.
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Volkl Mantra perfect for Whistler.
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yeah what the goat said. You'll be pissed you had the 82s the minute you go to dive into a bowl or some powed trees and sink like a stone. You won't however, be angry at yourself should you take your 88s frontside. With a mountain like WB you can encounter anything. Better to be ready for anything!
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Obviously, it is a matter of preference ...but with your racing background, I would recommend 82 over 88. Whistler rarely gets big dump (over foot), especially this time around and it is highly unlikely that you will run into sinking problem. If you get lucky (w/ big dump), then you can rent a real powder board not 88. On second thought, why even bother with a reservation – it is not going to save you any money or time …and it is not as all the shops in W/B will run out of mid-fat skis to rent.

Rent from “Can-Ski” so that you change your skis on the mountain if you so desire.

just my 2c.
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I skied a week last Feb at Whistler on iM82's, mostly. Had been a while since a storm, was raining down below, upper and mid frontside ranged from hardpack to sheet ice, back bowls were consolidated and cut up. In those conditions, didn't much enjoy the 82's; too much for carving ice well, too little for the heavy chop in back. Demoed a few others but I ended up on Prior Doughboys (105 waist) which sorta tolerated the hardpack and were a lot better than anything else in back. So takeaway is that if you can, wait and see what the weather looks like. Under most conditions, I'd go for the 88's at least, maybe a 100+ with guts like a Supermojo 105. If they're having a lean spell, think about 70-something carvers and swap them for fatties when/if the rain turns to snow...
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I agree with Boar2m

I have the IM82's and love them. I know one of the skis of choice at WB is IM88 but I don't think they're going to work as well on the groomers/ice. I just spent 46 days there and skied lots of different conditions. I didn't have the sink problem but I'm skiing the 183 and am fairly light (155lbs).
Affinity has a good selection of skies. You can alway swap out and try different types. As for Can-Ski, they do have demo tents on the mountain but if you're there during a busy time I wouldn't expect to find the ski you want. The selection is usually pretty small on the mountain. They don't even have the 82's on the mountain only the 78's and 88's.
Anyway as Boar2m said, that's my 2 cents worth.
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