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Online ski shop???

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I'm looking for an online shop I found a week or so ago. I think it was called O2 sports or something like that. I didn't bookmark it and now I can't find it. Can anybody point me in the right direction?

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i've had good experiences with these guys.
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Thanks, thats the one
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o2 gearshop

Just received my order from these guys...delivered as expected in 3 days...problem is the bindings they sent with the skis were not as listed on their website. I'm now trying to remedy this, but have not had a respose to my email yet.

As you can imagine Im a little off on these guys right now. Will post their reply.
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Don't buy your boots online. Frequently we see peeps who come in and see prices that are slightly higher than online and brag about how much they saved.

Then they require a footbed and/or custom work that most of would have been free if they had bough the boot from a brick and mortar shop.

My personal fav:

People who get a complete fit usually about an hour, say "thanks" than ask me to write down the model number size and boot millimeter length :

Then we see then two weeks later asking for a hookup price on a footbed and a few punches...cha ching!

/end rant.

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Originally Posted by Skiing-in-Jackson View Post
Don't buy your boots online.
Maybe I missed something, but who said anything about buying boots online in this thread?

As for the problem with the bindings... I've always found it easier to pick up the phone and give online stores a call. An email is too easy to ignore or let sit for a few extra days and hope the problem goes away on its own. I wouldn't worry-- I'm sure they'll make it right. Just give 'em a ring.
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Whenever I call I get a voice message. They did email back today and are trying to help me out...we'll see where it goes, but from the tone of the email it looks good. I will post again when I have more info.
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I, for one, appreciate Skiing-In-Jacksons info regarding buying boots online. At least he is not trying to control people or criticize anyone.
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Not looking for boots. I sold my AC4s and went with the stiff 183 Bros as my everyday ski. They are incredible but are STIFF. They require me to ski hard on them all the time. I'm trying to decide whether or not to pick up something that I can relax a bit on. Thinking of the Tigershark 10 ft, but still havn't decided what I really want to do. One of the reasons I sold the AC4s was because both days I skied on them this year I prereleased on the Marker bindings. I had them checked and the shop said they were fine. Just no sure I want to go back to Markers. But I really have liked Volkl skis????????
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Update on 02gearshop,

They called me yesterday and are sending the correct bindings overnight...they really stepped to the plate to fix the problem. I should receive them today. I will close this out once I have the new bindings. If they do come through as expected, I wouldn't think twice about ordering from 02.
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Update on 02 Gear Shop,

Well, they came through beyond my expectations, great response and solution to my binding issue. the replacements came next day air...had them at 10am. They sent me their return a/c number to return to other pair.

They were sensitive to my schedule and responded accordingly as I had a trip planned and needed the replacements quickly.

Without a doubt, order from 02 Gear Shop, I know I will be back...btw, thir prices were at least 25% less than others.

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