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Vail/ BC lift tickets

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I was told that you can purchase lift tickets for Vail and Beaver Creek in Frisco for about $30. Is this true and if so where at in Frisco?

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I teach in Vail and have never heard about this. Occasionally, when we're in a war of some sorts we advertise in other area's newspapers and offer discounts. Steamboat is a common one. Of course, they advertise in ours too.

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A few years ago you could buy discounted lift tickets for Vail/BC at certain stores in the Denver area. This went away when the advance purchase buddy passes aimed at Front Range skiers started being offered. Maybe there used to be some discounted tickets at the grocery or ski rental store in Frisco. Frisco is at the I-70 exit that takes you to Breck. That would be about 25 or 30 miles from Vail.
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