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Whats your worst crash/wipeout/fall /accident/tumble/ topple/yardsale? - Page 3

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I'm 5'9" 120 lbs and I still can't stand falling. Worst ever was last winter. I had just finished defending the fact that I was not a gaping tourist to one of the patrollers who was giving me friendly crap, and started down a blue I'd been down a million times. I knew a particularly nice hit and proceeded towards it. Wouldn't ya know that there was a chicken head directly in the landing zone of that hit? Double eject followed by 15 foot slide, and wouldn't ya know that the same patroller was about 15 feet behind me? Luckily, he was a student and I think he's transferred.

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My worst crash ever has left me permanently scarred.

I was practicing for a race at Whistler and at the time I was only 9 years old and I was a tiny little thing, about 3' and no meat at all. So I'm going down, without my helme cause, hey, I'm a kid and I can live life dangerously. Well, all of a sudden I feel a woosh of air around me and the next thing I know I'm encassed by another body.
That's right, one of the older racers who was also practicing skied right over me. The minute he and I noticed we both freaked and tumbled. His pole accidently (and I really do not blame him for this) hit my eyelid and took out a chunk of skin as well as dislodged my muscles that kept my eyelid up. At first it wasn't that bad, except the skin thing, but after a few years my eyelid really started to droop.
Now I have to have surgery every few years in order to be able to see out of my right eye because there's no way to really re-attach the muscles, or so I'm told. Instead I get an eyelift every few years... soon I too will be Goldie Hawn!
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my worst crash was two seasons ago. Everybody was jumping off the back side of this banked turn on the boardercross course, I think I had done it before too. This time when I jumped it I took a lot of speed. I'm pretty sure I landed fine but then, as my friends tell me my skis just came to a dead stop for some reason. don't really know what the rest of the crash was like. I remember getting up feeling a bit odd and putting my skis on, I knew my face hurt. after that I only remember little moments. I skiied down, don't remember doing it then ended up in the bathroom looking at the scrapes on my face in the mirror. My next memory is being outside being walked by two patrollers to the patrol room. I remember bits and peices while I was in the room, I didn't know what day it was. After that I was fine and skiied the rest of the day, couldn't remember where I left my skis either. Glad I had some friends with me to help me out, not sure what would've happened otherwise. I guess I asked them a whole bunch of times what happened and what my face looked like, but don't remember that. I guess it was a pretty mild thing because I didn't have any after effects and skiied the rest of the day but it was a little scary. I did have a helmet on but I'm guessing the smack to the face did the damage.
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[quote]Originally posted by Cedric:
WhiskeyClone said:

Terrain Park, Parnorama - December 26, 2003


now that you know what's going to happen on Dec 26, will you still go to Terrain Park and try a snowboard for the first time? [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
It would be a good idea to avoid it, I think.

Needless to say, it was last Christmas.

And it wasn't in Parnorama, either.

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I was skiing with a good friend at Mt Buller in Australia. We were taking it easy minding our own business chatting away, when my friend failed to check the traffic on a merge of two runs. I saw what was coming very briefly and managed to utter the words "Jesus Chr..." just as he collided with a couple of guys from the ski patrol, which at the time had an injured snowboarder in the sled.

Full credit to the ski patrol who valiantly took evasive action, but hampered by the unresponsive sled, could only manage a modest change in direction. The sled and my friend, with a significant closing velocity, struck each other heavily whipping both skiis off my friends legs and sending him into a couple of trees, picking the gap expertly between two very gnarly looking specimens.

The sled, minus the drivers, lurched precariously to one side on impact before gracefully rolling over with the occupant still firmly strapped inside. I can still see the sled sliding a good 15 metres upside down before coming to rest... toes first. Funnily enough the ski patrol guys made a beeline for my friend who was hobbling out of the trees to see if he was OK - luckily no major injuries.

We knew the guy in the sled was still alive by the wriggling motion it was making while partially buried in the snow upside down. When it was flipped over the poor guy inside had a cubic foot of snow up both nostrils and rather red looking face. Talk about a double wammy for that poor bloke!
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like JD one of my great crahes was at crystal. I live/grew up on the east coast but wen to college at Evergeen in WA. We used to ski Weds for $12 I think?? was about 8 years ago now so i forget. Anyway I beleive when you took the main chair to the top of the regular mountain, not the old double or whatever to the steep stuff, and worked your way right down the mountain there was a mini bowl of sorts, maybe 100 feet deep that you could go down or ski around to the left, either way it met up back on the same trail.

Well this was the 3rd or 4th trip of the year we made so it was a habbit to drop into the mini bowl with a little speed and get a fair amount of air but nothing scary as it wasn't too steep. Well this was the first run of the day and I decide to take the bowl full speed, of course it had rained and there was half the snow of last week and the bowl was much steeper because of it. So there I am, in the air expecting 20 feet of air time and I get a good 60 instead, I am pitched way forward and flapping my wings in hopes to not over rotate, alas I make contact finally, still to far forward and do a immediate frontal ejction to face plant and crack my googles around my face as I start to do my stiff legged cartwheels(this is my trademark to all big crashes, I've been told I look like a 2x4 sent end over end down the mountain) and then my low cost ski pants take over. I come from a long line of commercial fisherman, so I wore my rubberized bright orange canvas bibs as ski pants, and once you get them going you can really slide (I would do this on purpose after a liquid lunch, just sit on my butt, turn and pick up my skis and a$$ ski). So once the slide is over I finally get the wind back in my lunges and gatehr whats left of my stuff, being a hat and one non-broken pole. I told the kid I was with that is it. I did my best snow plow to the bottom, got my "guareenteed snow" refund and we drove home and I stopped twice to vomit due to the concussion I had, which I curred with more malted liquid.

More recently I was on a little NH mountain, Gunstock, and as I was heading back to the main lodge I decided to go down a beginners run,"Smith" as it is a straight shot to the lodge and I figured I lay some trenches as it's not too croweded so I go wizzing buy the 'beginners' and in order to pass a stopped ski lesson I pass them on a right forced to go where a snow gun is blowing snow, which would have been fine except the gun hadn't been moved in about 8 hours so there is this uber mound of snow I hit that is fresh and ungrommed and a little wet, I couldn't see it till it was too late so there I am joe-pro on the bunny hill going about a moderate 20mph when I bury my tips, do the frontal ejection, and admire the sound of silence as I sore through the air, looking at my ski-less boots, and await the return of earth. not real pain except for the ego, but to this day I treausre that feeling of unexpected flight prior to impact.
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