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best ski resort in oregon>?

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if i work in beaverton oregon, whats my best options for skiing? how many resorts are within 2 hours?
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The best within a reasonable drive is Mt. Hood Meadows. It has a great mix of terrain and a good lift system.

Behind that is Timberline, home of the famous lodge and their summer skiing on the Palmer snowfield. They are more hampered by inclement weather than Meadows, and the terrain has a bit less variety, but it's a fun place to ski and the old lodge is a trip.

Mt. Hood Snowbowl is fun in a good snow year (which this year certainly is), but it's smaller scale than its nearby neighbors. That said, it's decent skiing, and has an actual town (Government Camp) at its base, so there's a bit more to do in the immediate apr├ęs ski time.

If you're willing to drive a bit farther afield, Mt. Bachelor is reasonable, as is Crystal Mountain, Washington. The former is a big place, if a bit flat, and the latter is next to Mt. Rainier, and has a lot of challenging terrain.

I hope this helps!
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