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Jackson Hole advice

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Quick question - we're headed to Jackson Hole next week and the rest of my group needs a recommendation on a good shop for ski rentals. They're intermediate skiers.

Also, any other must-do's or Jackson recommendations would be welcome.

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Use the trusty search function. These topics have been covered quite a bit. Also, search to find Bob Peters' intermediate and advanced intros to JH. And if some mod has not made those stickies or somesuch, they ought to...
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Hi! If you've never been before you are going to love it.
Wildernest sports offers a 20% online coupon and has good rentals.
Jack Dennis is another good option. Both are located in Teton Village.
We skied off the Thunder Chair and alot. Especially for this time of year, the conditions stay good up top if it is warm. We were there the second week of March and spring conditions were in full force. We loved the mountain. Paint Brush, Ampitheater, Grand and Nez Perce are some of our favorite runs as was Rendezvous bowl and Renezvous trail up top.
Hobacks weren't open but we heard they were alot of fun.
Ski Targhee if you can. We didn't make it but heard it held better snow and had more as well.
We ate at Silver Dollar and Cadillac Grill which were both really good. Don't miss Mangy Moose in the village and try Snake River Ale and Bitch Creek Ales. Good Stuff.
Post a report when you get back.
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We were there for 10 days in January and hired demo skis on several occassion from Pepi Steiglers in Teton Village. They have a good selection of current models and they are well maintained too. An additinal bonus is friendly and well informed staff.
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Sorry for the sidebar/thread hijack, but I'll be there in 10 days and was wondering if anyone knows of a way to get discounted lift tix. If you get out to the town, I highly recommend the Rendezvous Bistro. Good food and is usually buzzing with a good crowd. There are a couple other places, I hung out in last year and I'll ask my buddy the names when I talk to him next and post them here. Have fun!
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PM Skiing-in-Jackson. He works at Hoback Sports, which is a big ski shop in the town of Jackson. He may be able to help your friends out. He's also a really good bootfitter.
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You can try these guys only 200 feet from the JH Gondola. You may want to ask if they store the skis over night so you don't have to lug them back to the hotel.



My buddy rented from Teton Village Sports and they clinched the deal with a free bottle of beer.

Being next to the JH lifts, you can try different skis.
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Hey Guys, thanks for the good advice. Living proof - thanks for the heads up on Skiing-in-jackson - I'll send him a message and see if we can't hook up. Our flight arrives Thursday at 1pm, so we're going to try and head out to Snow King that evening to take a few turns which means renting in Jackson will be a better bet for us. Hoping this will help me ease back into things after a 5 year absence from the slopes!

Pwong - from my searching here on the boards getting ready for our trip, the consensus seems to be there are no lift ticket deals to be had other than the multi-day tickets offered directly from the resort.

Can't wait for the big trip!
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