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In need of some advice...

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I'm in the market for some new skis, problem is, I'm not sure what to get. I've been skiing Rossi RPM 17s for the past 5 years, and while they're great on harder snow, they're not much fun in the fluffy stuff considering their scant 70 waist. Three skis have caught my eye so far: the Icelantic Nomad, Line Prophet 90, and Scott Mission.

I want a quick, playful ski that can go off the groomers and tackle the bumps on occasion. I would consider myself an advanced skiier that prefers finesse to power. I spend most of my time on black and double black runs I'm about 165 lbs and 6' 1'.

I've demoed the Salomon Fury in a 177 length and they were great except they didn't float as much as I'd like and they were just OK in the bumps. Everything else I liked; they were quick edge to edge, had nice rebound energy, were light and agile etc. Do any of the aforementioned skis fill this void? Are there any others I should consider? Thanks guys
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BillCatt, First Welcome to Epic. A great site.

You didn't give us much information. Do the following and you will probably get a good list to demo.: Age, size, skier, skiing preferred, where do you ski most, what do you want the ski for, i.e., how do you like to ski and what terrain, snow conditions etc.

Also go the Search section on lst page of Epic (where Forums are listed) and put in a brief phrase of what you want and you will get a lot of info on ski's. Remember what is good for me may not be worth a damn for you, so read a lot.

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Originally Posted by Pete No. Idaho View Post
so read a lot.
and demo!!
Just couldn't resist to kick in the open door.
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Thanks for the welcome, Pete.

More about myself...I'm 22 years old, 6' 1" and weigh around 165 in the winter. I would consider myself very fit, not weightroom strength training fit, but rather endurance/aerobic fit; my other hobbies include cycling, cycling, and more cycling followed with a little bit of swimming and running when I can't get out and ride.

As I'm from Ohio:I spend most of my time out West with an occasional trip to the eastern slopes. I'm most familiar with Copper and Vail, but have spent considerable time at Beaver Creek (not at my expense) A Basin, Winter Park and Breckenridge. I prefer to stay off the groomers, but I very rarely ever get the chance to ski untracked powder since I'm kinda stuck in Ohio at the moment and my trips out west are determined by my school schedule and not the weather forecast. So, I guess I ski mostly soft bumps, junky crud etc. I'm not real sure how else to describe the snow I usually ski. While at Copper, I spend most of my time on the black and double black runs serviced by Resolution, Sierra and Mountain King lifts: Union, Spaulding and Copper Bowls etc.

Like I said before, I would consider myself a finesse skiier; I prefer to make short to medium arc turns. I enjoy spending so time in the bumps because I enjoy the challenge and find that these runs are often the least crowded. Thus, I think I would like a ski that is nimble, quick, has decent flotation and can handle crud, but not necessarily plow through it without me feeling it. I don't want a ski that is completely unruly on hardpack, but by no means should it be made for the stuff.

I've already done my fair share of reading up on my options so far, and I think (that's the key word here) that the skis I listed would be my best options, but I need some more opinions and/or options to consider. I hope this gives you guys a little more to work with because I really value your opinions and experiences. Thanks!
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I would definately consider the Icelantic Nomad you mentioned in your first post.
Compared to ski's with similar surface area's it has a great turn radius, compared to ski's with the same radius it has super surface area
The relatively short length also provides you with a clear benefit in effort required to make short turns.
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I feel the same way man lookin for a new ski

im considering the crossfire, speedwave, tigershark and possibly a magfire look into it and really read every review with a grain of salt
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