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Boot for a wide foot

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Hi, I'm a 42 yr old male. I've always had big feet and calves from playing rugger and road running. I'm a UK shoe size 10.5 (US 11.5), but my feet are about 4.6" (11.4cm) wide which makes them around a 2E/3E (?) in US terms I think. My feet are not just wide, they are plates of meat.

I've only skied a few times, but always suffer from a bad fit. I usually end up with a boot that is too long but still not wide enough, or even worse the right length but half an inch too narrow. My feet also swell a lot as they warm up, which often isn't picked up on. I end up with pain in my feet from them being squeezed sideways.

I know that I could have boots custom-made/foam-filled etc but haven't reached the stage where I can warrant the cost. Can one of you experts out there please suggest which off-the-shelf boots might be worth a try? Someone must make boots for people with big wide feet.

I'd really welcome informed responses to this post.

Many thanks,
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a good boot fitting store will take a boot that fits the rest of your foot well, and just make it wider, 1cm per side is very doable.

So find a good store (maybe on the next ski holiday), call and make an appointment to see the boot fitter, and let them work magic for you.

FYI: as boots get wider then get softer too. so not sure what flex you need.
lange concept 95 is very wide fitting and can be med or soft flex based on a rear switch
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Head make a boot at the top of the edge range [edge+11] which is 104mm wide and a reasonable level of support, Atomic make the B tech boot in a 110 flex ...really a case of finding a fitter who can select the best one for you, and then possibly modify it a bit to suit your feet
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