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Park City and LCC 20-28 Feb

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Hey Gang,

Am out to Utah for ski trip #3 this season. Will be skiing with 3-4 others all pretty good skiers. We generally ski off piste if the snow is good...and bumps if its not so good. We'll hit PC 2-3 days since we have a place there...definitely hit the Bird and Alta at least a day each and after that, I'm not sure. If any you are out there and looking for folks to ski with...PM me and let me know. We are easy going and just love to ski.

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PM sent - I'll be skiing 2/24-2/26
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I may be skiing Alta-bird on Tuesday the 26th with local friends.

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A great week!

Sorry to have missed you guys this time, but I had some terrific days anyway. The Symphony gets passes to Derr Valley, so we went out there on friday - very windy with poor visibility, but the trees off of Orion were perfect.

Got to Alta on Sunday - a little choppy and the hill was shut down for a while by a T-Storm. Chutes off supreme were the best terrain I hit. BRUTAL trip down the canyon on the bus. Took better than 3 hours, and they wouldn't let anyone off. A bunch of 70+ skiers (all on diuretics at hurting pretty bad after a while) took turns filling a nalgene bottle :^) One poor schmoe on another bus got arrested for abusing the driver - apparently he REALLY had to go.

Solitude on Monday with 17" of fresh. never been there before but a great hill. On my own so I got cliffed out a few times coming down from Powderhorn... That place REALLY needs a lift up the ridge above Honeycomb Canyon. Great terain though.

Snowbird on Tuesday, and a GREAT day. Bright sunshine and lots of untracked if you got there in time for the gates to open. Road to Provo in the morning, and then just before i was completely worn out they opened Living The Dream down to the Baldy lift. Sick. Everything off the Cirque traverse was cool even though it had been tracked up a bit. Someplace called Hanging Tree (I think) was the best. By then I'd hooked on with a gang of other older skiers who could really turn, and knew their way around really well.

Alll in all, a great reintroduction to the areas after 20 years. i do wish it were easier to get to PC and canyons from town. next time I go out I won't even bring skis - just boots. Nothing i own is anywhere near wide enough for those conditions....
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