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skis + tricks

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I'm looking to buy new skis this year after outgrowing my old ones, and was wondering if attempting basic tricks will hurt regular skis. I am a decent skier, but just started attempting tricks last year on minor (4 foot or smaller) jumps last year. Last year i did not worry about breaking my skis, because they were old and too small anyway, and i knew that i'd be getting new ones soon anyway, however this year I am buying new skis and i was just wondering if doing small tricks and wiping out (very common)would damage my skis. I do not wish to buy trick skis, because I only go in the terrain park maybe 3 runs the whole day, and I enjoy non-trick sking more, but if I was to try some tricks on regular skis, do i risk breaking them?

Thanks for any help!
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The thing about so-called "trick" skis is that their weight and flex pattern are better suited for jump transitions and pipe walls. Believe me, it's much easier staying on top of these boards. With that, comes more confidence, bigger tricks, and even bigger grins. Most are made to be pretty darn good at carving turns too although this depends on the pilot.

Normal skis, particularly those with a lot of metal in them, can get bent, throw you into the back seat, and generally not be much fun in the park. Probably why you're only there for three runs now...

It all depends on what you really want to do.
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You will probably not break or damage your skis going in the park, but it will not be as fun. As Warren said, skis that are twin tipped have a better flex for the park. If you are trying tricks, some skis have springier tails, meaning if you land in the backseat, you will be thrown off balance. If you are getting all mountain skis like rossi bandits, it won'tbe as bad as if you are planning on getting carving skis.

I would say that you should get a twin tip that is also a good all-mountain ski. I have skied the rossi scratches, the enemies and the 1080s, and they are all great all mountain skis.

Most twin tips are decent all mountain skis. If you are only putting out one or two twintips like most companies, then you want them to be high quality, or you won't sell them.

-just my biased opinion, minicruzer
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Thought that I would add a little controversy...

I skied normal skis for years in the terrain park before the twin-tip park skis came on the scene. The only pair that I ever bend didn't have any metal, but rather were wood core, torsion box K2's.

I have skied numerous skis in the park, taking large hits with no problems. I fact the only pair of skis that I ever dissintegrated in the park were a pair of the most recent Teneighties.

IMO, anything is fine in the park, but park skis are best if you plan on riding pipe. Most other skis are just too stiff to be any fun in there.
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