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Where am I and where do I go from here?

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I have been a VERY casual skier for about 8 years now. I live in Kentucky and haven't really had many friends who skied until recently. I go skiing around 6-10 days a year, sometimes a few more if I'm really lucky. At the two closest hills (Paoli and Perfect North in Indiana) I have no trouble with the blues and blacks. I can go down them as fast as the hill will let me and can stop with no problems. I have experienced moguls (with little success) but I don't really know how or what I'm after when I go down them. The closest hill, Paoli really doesnt have any. I can go through the tree lined slope at Perfect North with no problems really. And since last season I have been spending more time in the terrain parks. I can land any jump, but don't really try anything fancy. The boxes, picnic tables, and really wide rails don't give me any problems. The "normal" sized rails cause quite a few bruises. Last year I finally bought a pair of ski's and that has made me go more often. My question is on the standard 9 level scale, where would I be? Also, the technical jargon on most sites leaves me clueless, but I'm eager to learn. I'm better and can do more than any of my friends I've skied with, but I don't have any clue how this relates overall.

Also, where would you go from here? I'm very anxious to go to a real resort either this season or next (Snowshoe is the only place I have been besides Paoli or Perfect North). I'm starting to think a lesson would help me, because right now I'm completely self taught. The problem is, I don't know what kind of lesson or level I would be, I also have no clue how to go about it. I know that I love the terrain parks and would love to do more of that kind of thing. I have no idea if they have those kind of courses or what kind of questions to ask. I also would love to learn the moguls. Thanks in advance for your help and any advice is greatly appreciated. If there is any literature, links, etc. where I can read and learn some jargon, those would be greatly appreciated as well.
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I don't really have any expertise, except that I've been skiing in west for about 30 years, but since it appears we're related, I thought I would throw in my 2 cents. To find out where you are on level nine scale, probably a good idea to take a lesson. Probably would also be good to go to a decent size area where you can see some good skiers. This website and TGR forums are good places to learn jargon. However, whatever, you do, don't make an appearance on TGR and tell them you are comfortable on blacks based on Indiana ski areas. The TGR folks will view that as an opportunity to heap on abuse.You don't say your age or circumstances, but from what I've heard from folks out east of rockies, a trip out west would be an eye opening experience. Good luck. Keep skiing. If you're having fun in Indiana, I suspect a trip to ski area w/more than 400 vert. would seem like heaven.
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P.S. Actually, the main reason to take a lesson is to hopefully learn correct technique. Once you've done the wrong thing for a while, it's hard to do the right thing. It applies to all sports including skiing. I've probably taken a dozen lessons over the years and almost always learn something new. I'm still a hack, but I keep trying to get better. It's not always intuitive.
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Thanks for the input. I realize the blacks in this area are nothing compared to the rest of the country. I was just trying to help someone determine my skill level. Also, to answer your question, I'm 24. I was supposed to go to Copper Mountain this year, but the trip fell apart. Hopefully I can get a late season trip together or go for sure next year.

Would it be worth it to take a lesson here at my home hills or wait until I can get to an actual mountain? I'm thinking of taking off work one day and trying to take a lesson during the week so I'll have the hill to myself afterwards to try out any techniques or advice I get during the lesson.
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If you've never had a lesson, I don't see how it could hurt. Probably would also be a good idea to get a book and or video to look at. However, it's hard to replace a lesson as I think it's very difficult to have an objective idea as to how you ski. There's times when I think I'm skiing great, but I suspect a video or instuctor would show otherwise. I took a lesson last year at Whistler. Like I said, I've taken a bunch. However, this was the first guy to tell me that I was not getting far enough forward. To me I thought I was, but actually I had to do what I thought was an exaggerrated move to be where I should be. My point is that I would never have figured that out on my own as I can't really see myself ski. Of course, I've also had the experience of having someone fly by me like I was standing still to put things in perspective.
W/ re to Indiana black runs, I didn't get the impression that you thought they were like blacks out west. I was just putting out a bit of a warning re posting on TGR forums. However, it's a great place to get jargon,(not sure if it's the right kind of jargon, but jargon nonetheless) if that's what you're looking for. Especially given the fact that you're 24.
Too bad about Copper. There's still another month and a half of good skiing out west. If you can make it happen I would. If cost is an issue, do a marathon road trip. There's ways to make it work. Oftentimes, costs plummet after March 31 for palces like Colorado and Utah. Anyway, just my 2cents.
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I've met instructors from both Paoli and Perfect in PSIA clinic settings. I'm sure there would be someone at either resort's ski school who could provide some direction for you. Ask at the ski school desk for a LII or LIII instructor. They may also have specialists who can give park feature use lessons.
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