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Unexplainable pain

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I got a new pair of Salomon Falcon 10 boots, and when I tried them on at a store, I was blown away – it was as if my foot was put in a mold that was made after exactly my foot. I mean, the boot was pressured against the foot at every point with about equal force, no loose areas or pain spots.

However, when I first tried in on a mountain, I got excruciating pain in both of my feet. I cannot even say where – it hurt everywhere, probably starting from the center of the foot. It hurl even with boots unbuckled. The only way I could ski was after removing the insoles (orthopedic). I thought the pain was because the boot was cold when I put it on, so I tried again at home – the boot was perfect again.

Next time I tried using standard flat insoles instead of orthopedic ones and wearing the boot while it’s warm. In short – did not help much. It was a bit less painful, probably due to more space with flat insoles, but still, even unbuckled boots were hurting my feet, and buckling made it a bit worse. After struggling for half an hour, I took the boots off, and put them back on. The pain was gone and everything was perfect. I could tighten the boots by two notches before any discomfort at all…

Next time – same story – it took several times putting the boots on and off over an hour to get rid of pain. What is going on? I am running out of ideas and have two theories left – either the order in which I tighten the buckles matters or my feet swell why I’m driving to the mountain and need some time to get back to the normal size. Both theories seem far-fetched, though… Any ideas?
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have you tried with a thinner sock, and no insole at all? (the one that comes with the boot is flat and offers no support anyways)

sounds like the initial pain time is getting shorter and shorter with each use?
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I use thin socks already, so I cannot try thiner. It probably would not help, because once there is no pain, I can tighten the boot by two notches on each buckle, while when there is pain, even the first notch is more than I can stand for longer than 10 minutes.
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Just sounds like you overtightened your boots initially. Start the day out with very light pressure because if the boot is sized correctly, it is not necessary to buckle tightly to get sufficient hold. Chances are this may have been necessary in your old boots but not now? As the day progresses recheck and adjust the buckle tension appropriately as the liner compresses using the micro adjustment features on your buckles. You will find your optimum settings soon enough.
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