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atomic beta sl 9tuning

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discovered my sl 9 were railed. tried to belt and grind flat ...with many passes on belt and stone...still edge high.

while skiing in steamboat this week, old friend indicated he had heard that these skis were designed edge high.

any truth to same?
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Welcome to epic ski.

So long as you just use them to rail slalom turns what's the problem?
Just tip them on edge and keep turning one way or the other; that's what I would do.
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They were designed to be used with a 1 and 3 bevel, with a slight concave in the base at the shovel. The concave should not go right out to the edges. Flat bases with a 1 and 3 bevel should be fine, but railed edges will suck in some snow.

Find a good place with a Wintersteiger or equivalent stone grinder and get them tuned right.
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