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NASCAR Season Upon Us

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With the NASCAR season upon us, I'm finding myself wondering why I'm going to watch. But, I will because the sleet has left my ski out of the question.

Is the "car of tomorrow" going to make it far too "cookie cutter"?

Its been a while since I've recognized the brand of the cars so, I'm not sure the car of tomorrow is going to make much of an impact, other than costing more money for the owners.

What I'd really like to see is one of the small "teams" or "one car owner"'s to win some races.

Like always, it will probably be Hendrick, Roush, Yates, Gibbs, and Childress in the forefront.
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Alot of the skiers I know don't watch nascar becouse they are skiing or traveling back downstate when the races are on. But I have been enjoying nascar for years, even attending @ MIS. I just record the races and watch them after skiing, without having to watch all the adds.
I did notice that with the new car at daytona when someone wiped out there wasn't "the big one", thus saving a lot of cars that otherwise would have been wrecked. So I think a lot of teams saved money there, and possible injury.
It looked like the cars were harder to spin and the drivers were able to gather them up quicker.
Anyway, I enjoyed the race and the surprise winner. It was good to see Newman win with his family there and all.
Well gotta go tune my skis after another week of skiing, did you ski yesterday? We had freezing rain here at boyne all morning and skiing was kind of sketchy. Thanks be to GORTEX, there is NO substitute!
later, art
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Hey Art, glad you had fun at Boyne.

If you hear of anyone who is interested in Tix for Bristol, send them my way. I have 4 busch and 4 cup tix for March race. Can't use them because I'll be heading west to ski that week.
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I will check with a couple of friends but I don't think I would like to miss a ski weekend, even for bristol.
see ya, art
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