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Vermont weather December 20th

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In a word, the weather in Vermont has been horrid - rain, forty degrees, an "inversion" so the mountains have warm temps. Horrid. Just thought you'd like to know.

It started out great, hope it will be great again, right now it's worthless. Stay tuned.
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Can't wait for the big freeze over for Christmas Week now. That should be something special :
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The good news, though, Arcy, is that temperatures will be seasonable, snow will be manufactured, and real snow is expected. All is not lost, we'll just take a few days off. My expectation from the more credible resources I've checked is that Christmas Week skiing will be quite good.

Hey, this philosopher you quote - Arkem Orparkem - he was from the East, right?
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If you don't mind the rain the skiing is fantastic. I was at Sugarbush today 12/20 and there were big soft bumps everywhere, compared to big crusty Bumps sunday. It was a good day. I'll be hitting either Cannon or Magic on this coming Sunday, probably Cannon.
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gotta slide with MM & Arc's patience oboe,
at least you're ~10deg cooler than it is here in Bangor Maine...
but as mentioned, I think the temps will turn around....but all in all, elevation rules. :
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we'll be alright, its just the usual freeze thaw cycle that definces New England skiing. The way I look at it is this: remember what conditions were like last year at this time? Snow will be manufactured and I'm sure we haven't seen the last of mother nature either.
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Just got back from skiing at Okemo on Saturday and Magic on Sunday. The first two hours of both days were a veritable Dean's List of undesirable Eastern Skiing. At Okemo, we had Death Marbles and Cookies on top of styrofoam, and at Magic, it was just plain rock hard. Most annoying were the testimonies of the Ski Patrol bragging about the powder they were enjoying just a few days back (which had been decimated by two hard rainstorms just before our arrival).

HOWEVER, by 11:30 at both mountains, the snow had softened up nicely, and for the rest of the day, it was great fun.

I don't know if this confirms the laudable hardiness of New England skiers or our pathetic ability to suck it up and ski in ANY conditions, but I didn't hear one person on either day -- neither kids, nor grownups -- complaining about the less than perfect snow.

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All Praise to the Groomers!

Snow forcast tonight,3-6", with the winds of change out my window now!

"Good" made snow today.

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Hey James, how was the grooming? It looks nice in that picture, but I've found that Magic half a$$es their grooming in the past (last week).

You know it's funny. Magic is not really a "cruiser" mountain, but the run you're on (Trick) is one of the better advanced intermediate cruising runs around. That big left turn halfway doen is really nice. That's one of my mother's favorite trails anywhere. I'm partial to "Slide of Hans" and "Goniff Glade" myself. I also love the "Redline," but only when there's a ton of snow. It's such a special trail. I ski it very sparingly, powder days only.

P.S. I apologize for all of my posts tonight. I'm a little hammered and I have no idea what the hell I'm saying. I know, I should be ashamed of myself.
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All of the green and blue runs were in decent shape considering the rain, temperature inversions, and lack of snowmaking. Trick, Up Your Sleeve/Vertigo, and particularly Wizard (photo below) were standouts. However, the black and double-black trails were, to put it charitably, death traps, and wouldn't have been open at most other ski areas. Upper Talisman and Sorcerer were littered with exposed rocks, underbrush, and TREE STUMPS -- and not one of these hazards was marked... no signs, no bamboo poles, nuthin!

As far as conscientious grooming, well, you can't really go to Magique expecting that sort of thing, can you?

Exit 154 and I are supposed to be there this weekend (see announcement in Meeting Forum), but if Londonderry doesn't get a serious dump between now and then, we may have to plan an alternate site.

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I skied Loon on Sat. 12/21 and it was not very pretty, especially when you consider that I dropped $54 to basically ice skate. And they referred to it as "packed powder"....simply a day to let 'em rip and arc fast and long turns.

It WAS still fun to get out though, and things will be shaping up today and later this week with some lake effect snows, at least in VT.

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Just got word from a source at Sunday River that it has started snowing there and they are looking to get more on Christmas day. I am totally stoke, I am doing a 4 mountain tour in Maine then to Vermont (Sunday River, Sugarloaf, Okemo, Killington) so any snow is an added bonus. I would love to get some pow days in.

Have a great holiday!!!
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Well, dudes,

Saturday at Smuggs was very unusual. The heavy rain of Friday, with a freeze overnight, turned the mountain into one big glazed doughnut. First run was near-death on tectonic crust, but, as the day progressed, an unusual thing happened: trails which were well-skied got better and better as skiers scraped more crystals out of the crust matrix and pritty soon it was cream-of-wheat. Add to that constant snow showers from a snow cloud that hung around all day, more in the afternoon, dropping nice high-moisture-content flakes that added up to 3-4 inches of nice cream on top of the crust and it was nice by 1 PM. better by 2, great at 3. It was a reversal of conditions: trails and slopes normally scraped off by heavy use were in great shape, lesser-used trails that normally hold the good snow were boilerplate crusty death traps. I had to help a couple of intermediates walk down a blue-square that they normally would have enjoyed. But, as I said, the more or less constant snow turned the day around. Today (Monday), I was able to go up for some turns before my regular work, brought my 13-year-old and his buddy, who are on school vacation. It was OK, great in the woods. I thought I would be able to have a few runs with my son, you know, bond. Well, unknown to me, there was a planned rendevous with 2 racing chicklets and it was "Uh, dad, like we gotta go, we'll meet ya later, can I have some $$? All I saw was asses and elbows after that. Oh, well.
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We got a dusting last night,
With 8" to 24" called up for x-mas day.

Thursday is looking a bit sick.

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