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Taos15-16 Long post. pics-later

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Had about 10" of new snow on the 15th...Got first tracks on Juarez, which was cool, went to as any blacks,as I could but really enjoyed Huzikers, and that area..I ended up pulling my binders back on my mythics about 2cm, and it helped a ton on the powder..Got to hang out with my family for most of the day and had a great time..No crowds, lots of powder..what else can you ask for..I have never been so tired before after a ski day..I found out powder can wear you outMade plans to meet Simon, and Garrett the next morning to runs some laps together.
Feb 16
Woke up, stiff as a board, got dressed, and pressed on. Met Simon first thing, and Garrett soon after..We made a warmup run, and
headed to the ridge, where we decided to go off Ninos heroes.Garrett charged off the cornice like he knew what he was doing, next was Simon, he was rippin, and then me..I ended up floundering down that damn hill like I never had before..It was pretty embarrassing..Made it down in one piece though..But it was ugly. Garrett proceeded to take us around to some of his hideouts, and everyone of them was deep bumps with lots of powder..Very hard for me as i am not used to bumps...The guys were gracious enough to give me tips, and patient enough to wait for me..We did this same thing all the way to lunch .I told them if they would teach I would listen.
BTW It was a gorgeous day, and no wind..Definitely a bluebird day..Garrett had to leave after lunch, and poor Simon decided he would stick with me, as I had told both of them, that I might not be as good as them, but I would listen, and I would never give up, as long as they were willing..I figured that moving my binding the previous day, was doing no good today, so I moved the binding forward 2cm... and from there on I could feel the ski alot better, with more control..We had a blast going down everything we could..I got alot better with technique throughout the day, and started looking like I knew what I was doing. It was absolutely the hardest, best day I have ever had skiing..because the guys just kept pushing me to do things I needed to learn. I did ask them to push me hard though. In my mind if someone isn't pushing you, you don't learn.
A BIG BIG thanks goes to Simon, and Garrett for the graciousness, and patience they showed me, and the tips they freely gave me....Garrett is a friggin ripper in all senses of the word. To go as fast as he did, over the bumps we went through, with the planks he had on..I give him some mad props.
Simon,as well ripped it up, and showed more patience with me than I was due..Both of them together taught me more than I have learned in the last 2 yrs on my own..and I do have some bad habits to get rid of..
I wanted to post this, and the pictures to show how good of a time I had, but way more important to me, was to give these good men, their props for treating me as if they had known me for years. if anyone here gets a chance to ski with these OUTSTANDING individuals, please do..They are cool, and they are responsible for me earning the hardest day, and the most satisfying day on the slopes I ever had..I am friggin beatup right now, but it feels so good..If you guys need anything down southern NM way let me know..I owe ya one, two..or..three..It is also the first time in my skiing career that I had partners....Sometimes having bears around is a good thing. The biggest compliment I can give them, is I would ski anytime, anywhere with them..If only I could talk them into it ..Pics to follow when I get home, or Garrett, or Simon decide to post theirs..

Thanks Dudes
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headed there at the end of the month.. what a place to ski...
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Thanks for the kind words Lee. I had a blast too, and I'm really glad that by the end of the day you found your groove and started rippin those mogul runs. I certainly enjoyed the day and I'm hoping to ski tomorrow again with Garret.

It was indeed a bluebird day:

And just some proof about you comfortably skiing bumps at the end of the day:

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Here is what Juarez looks like w/no tracks

Garrett, Simon, Me at the top of the ridge

Ninos Heroes


Garrett showing us how its done

Simon, Garrett..I think at the bottom of El Funko

Garrett, My daughter, Wife..Thanks for hanging with us Garrett

Simon, and me at Zagawa

What happens when you ski hard with Garrett

Thanks guys for a great trip

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Kachina Peak hike

Ever since I hiked the ridge at Taos for the first time early this season, it has been a goal of mine to hike all the way to the Kachina Peak, and I finally did it today . First of all, big thanks to Garret for agreeing to do the hike and for guiding me through it.

As everyone who has done it says, skiing down Main Street from Kachina is not hard, but the hike is demanding. Good thing it was a great day, sunny with a very comfortable temperature and no strong winds on the top. It took us about 1h15min to get to the top, and less than 5 minutes to ski it down, but it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Nice lines on a mountain south of TSV.

Finally at the Kachina Peak. Wheeler Peak is on the back, the highest point in New Mexico.

Another look at Wheeler Peak. I wonder if it has been skied before.

You can see all the way to Colorado from the top.

And now it's time to ski it down.

Finally, at the end of the run.
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I had a great time skiing with you guys, and I look forward to doing it again soon. I'm going to look like that last pic shortly here; left at ~2:30 today and not a moment too soon...

Another shot from the top of NiƱos Heroes:

Simon and Lee on the ridge:



Simon on top of St. Bernard this morning:

Simon getting after it:

It is really sunny in New Mexico. Doing my best rainbow impression coming down Main Street:

phew. I'm really happy I met you guys. Can't wait to do it again. I'm going to be up there next Thurs-Mon. except for Sat. when I'll be at Santa Fe for a race.
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Great Pics guys..Thought about you on my drive back home..wondering what you decided..
Simon, I think Garrett decided to take you to the peak, so you wouldn't wear him down on the bumps .
Kudo's for doing the hike
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Originally Posted by bwxmas View Post
Simon, I think Garrett decided to take you to the peak, so you wouldn't wear him down on the bumps .
Funny you say this. After the Kachina hike and a good lunch, we headed over to ski a bump run down lift #2 and got schooled by some 10-year olds from the ski school. It was our cue to go home
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Today was phenomenal. 4-5" of light dry snow to start the day and it just kept going all day. No wind to speak of and it wasn't too cold. Did I mention there was nobody there? Over a hundred inch base now and more fresh through the weekend. *Burp*
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Good to hear. I'll be there tomorrow...say hi if you see me.

I'm that guy.
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The Taos website reported 10'' in the past 24 hours. On my way!
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You guys are killing me
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Hi guys,

I have enjoyed this thread. I just missed you as I was there the 9th-15th.

The snow was great while I was there, most snow I have ever seen at Taos. Hiked the ridge 3 times, 2 Stauffenbergs and a Juarez. I'll be there again March 9-13.

Really want to get to Kachina and pop in Hunzikers from the top. Ever done it?

I met a local gal who out-hiked and out-skied me. It was a great, EPIC day.

Going back for more.


Any of you be there then?
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When Garret and I hiked to the peak we wanted to take that route, but it was closed on that side. It was really great anyway.

If it makes you feel any better, at the ridge we run into a 70+ year old lady who out-hiked us.

And oh yeah, conditions now are fantastic!
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