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Level 2 Ski Certification Question

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Dear Mr. Barns,

I would like to inquire about the possibility to take PSIA Level 2 teaching exam fulfilling all conditions except Snowsports school director’s approval.

I passed PSIA Level 1 in 2006 and Level 2 skiing part in 2007 as a member of the East Division. I passed Level 2 skiing part after the first year of instructing, taking the Early Admission Program. During 2005/06 and 2006/07 seasons I had more than 150 teaching hours. This year, since I am injured, I couldn’t give my time to my ski school as much as I used to. Thus, the Snowsports School director didn’t want to approve and sign the application form for my PSIA Level 2 teaching part. I have taught about 20 hours till know, attended a number of educational clinics and took PSIA Level 2 teaching seminar.

Is there any possibility for me to take the Level 2 teaching exam? I would very much appreciate any advices, comments or suggestions you might have.

In addition to my involvement at the ski school in the US, I had a 2 months teaching experience in Australia, during July-August 2006. It would be significant for me to finish with my mission and have PSIA Level 2 certificate this season, since I am moving back to Europe next December. Thank you very much in advance.
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I am not sure what you question is because you have addressed this to Mr. Barnes. If you are taking the exam in the Rocky Mountain Division this would be appropriate. If you are trying to take the level II in the Eastern Division then you would ask this question of the powers that be in the Eastern PSIA Division. Each division has its own requirements.
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Hi V Maria--

Welcome to EpicSki! I'm flattered that you would address your question to me, but I'm afraid I may not be much help to you, as I'm a member of the Rocky Mountain Division of PSIA--not the East Division. Our exams are somewhat different in format than the East exams.

PSIA generally does require exam candidates to be active employees of PSIA member ski schools (a requirement not without some controversy). If you are not affiliated with a ski school this season, that could be the issue. But if you are affiliated, but just out with an injury, and you have taught the minimum number of hours required for the East exam (I'm afraid I don't know what that requirement is, but I expect you've met it, since they let you go to the skiing exam last season), then I would think you should be allowed to register for the exam.

To get a straight answer from someone who should know, contact the PSIA-East office. Their website is www.psia-e.org, phone number 518-452-6095, e-mail psia-e@psia-e.org. Someone there should be able to help you.

Good luck! I hope your injuries are not severe, and that you're recovering well.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Hi again, V Maria--

I've looked around the psia-e website a little, to see what I can learn about your question. I see that the exam application must be signed by the Ski/Snowboard School Director, attesting that you are a current member of the staff of the school. There does not appear to be a minimum work requirement for Level 2, but the director must attest that you have "received exam training and preparation." (He/She does not need to give an opinion about how prepared you are.) How does that fit with your situation?

Have you fulfilled the other pre-requisites for the exam?

Best regards,
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No, wait--there is a minimum teaching requirement: 150 hours for Level 2, which you say you have exceeded. This comes from page 14 of the PSIA-E Alpine Exam and Study Guide--an excellent source of information. Check it out!

Best regards,
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Level2 exam question

Dear Mr. Barnes,

I'm very pleased to talk with you about my problem. Thank you very much for you efort and for addressing your suggestions to me. I have looked at the Alpine Exam Stady Guide. I'm satisfying the following requirements:
1. This is my 3rd year as a member of PSIA-E.
2. I have passed Level 2 skiing part last year.
3. For the past 3 years I taught more than 150 hours, but curently I'm not a member of the ski school (since 5 days ago).
4. I took Level 2 teaching seminar on Jan/30-31/2008

Curently I'm not a memmber of the ski school and I don't satisfy that part.
Tecnical Director of Teaching and Education, at the school supports me and he would be my reference to confirm that I have received exam training and preparation. But the Director of the School won't sign the application form for me. That is all.
The ski school is very smal. The recomended amount of hours for the members at the school is 15 hours per week. Due to my injury (stress fracture from running) I could offer 12 hours per week and was avalilable on a phone call. I think that I did not meet the director's expectations this year and that I was punshed. To compare with the last year, I had 30 hours per week. Also, the ski school doesn't provide medical attention. Also I don't know weather I should addressed to you or to PSIA-E that I was a volonteer for 3 years for the same school.
I understand that PSIA-E is not your division and I higly appreciated your efforts and help.
I will do my best to talk with the PSIA-E Asociation.
I very much appreciate your answers!!!

yours sincerely
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Hi Maria--

Sorry for the belated reply. I hope your discussions with PSIA-E have gone well, and that you'll be successful in your exam! Best of luck, and please let us know how it goes.

Best regards,
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