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Kirkwood 2/24 -2/29

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I’m be at Kirkwood from 2/24-2/29 (sun-fri) staying in KW.

Let me know if you are heading up.
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Stormday we are at MC 2/22 to 2/24, Probably be leaving Sunday after skiing if weather permits. It looks like your stay will hit the snow right, calm after the storm. Cool.

Our weekends seem to be sitting in the storms and us heading home before it all settles down.
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Bluebird day today, Sat.

I'll keep an eye out for you Storm, I will be in an orange shell today.
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So, Stormday, how has it been this week at the 'wood?

We are heading up Wednesday night and want to know if it's spring con.

Inquiring minds want to know.:
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The corn showed up yesterday on the backside. Skied a run on the backside that the corn was ~2" deep at noon.

There is still some areas with cold wintry snow. Those areas are starting to bump up.
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Mrs and I spent the day on chairs 6 and 10. They groomed chair 10/The Wall. We skied it after dropping Little Miss Stormday #1 off for her lesson. It was pretty soft. So, we decided to stay on the front side skiing the wintry snow in the shadows.

Given the forecast, there a good chance that wintry snow will still be around by the time you are skiing on Thursday.

Anyways, one more day to our KW ski holiday. (Thread title is wrong. I guess I should listen closer to my wife when she tells me the vacation dates.) The plan is a family ski day with LMSD #1. Who skied chair 6 for the 1st time on Thursday.

An I'm hoping and thinking it was still be around for the Friday 3/7 Eski clinic.

BTW: Have you thought about joining the clinic?
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First please tell LMSD #1 congrats on chair 6, great stuff! It was cool hangin with LMSD's and MSD that Saturday. Give her a high 5 for me.

Yep, I am considering joining or crashing the clinic. I can't quite run on my knee yet, but I'll head out mt biking tomorrow and see how it is. I suspect I will be good to go by next week.

I could use some coaching and it'll be fun to be skiing with bears and mags and divas.

I'll be getting in late Wednesday with Ms nova2. I'm bummed that we won't be seeing and skiing with MsSD guess we'll have to plan that one another day.
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Good chance will be at KW Mar 22/23.
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Good facebook wall feature
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