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Mythic Rider and Legend 8000 review

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Me: Advanced skier striving to improve
51 years old, 5'6 190 lbs
Current skis: Dynastar Legend 4800 165
Skis tested: Mythic Rider in 172 and Legend 8000 in 172
Monarch Mountain 2/15 and 2/16
Conditions: Soft packed powder, steep bumps, chopped powder, windblown crud

This is my first review, so bear with me. The first day I skied the Mythic rider, skiing almost exclusively the black runs at Monarch, which ranged from bumps to broken powder to frozen wind crusted crud and skied the groomed runs to get back to the lifts. These skis were great in the bumps and amazing in the crud, they blasted through it like it was butter. The groomed runs were a different matter. I'm sure it had as much to do with my technique as the skis, but I found them very difficult to get on edge and carve, especially at low speed. The skis were heavy, much heavier than either my 4800s or the 8000s, and felt it on the slopes.

The next day the conditions were similar and I skied the 8000's. I skied pretty much the same type of terain but added some groomers and also skied the orcs in Mirkwood Basin, which was kind of wind blown packed powder. What a huge difference these skis were over the Mythic Riders. These things railed on the groomers, feeling more solid and stable than my 4800's. I'm not sure whether that is from the ski or the added length or both, but I loved them. The were as good or better in the bumps than the Mythic but not nearly as good in the crud and broken powder, I really had to fight much more to get them to track through the heavy stuff.

Bottom line is for my ability and the type of skiing I do most, I think the 8000's are a better choice than either the Mythic Rider or the 4800, and the 172 length is much better than the 165.
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Hi RoadRash,

Its pretty amazing that you posted this comparison just the day after I posted a response (I'm the OP for it) in the Gear Discussion "Some Forum Newbie's Observations on Some Midfats (Snoop, B83, Fury, MR)".

After reading comments to my posting and their suggestions, I decided I should really try a side-by-side comparison of the Mythics and the 8000, to see which side of the flex scale I would prefer to be on for an all around ski. Lo and behold, I came across your posting from the next day. Hmmm... that's quite a bit of a coincidence.

Anyway, I have never tried the 8000, so it will be interesting. I am similar to you, age-wise, weight (only 5-10 lighter than you), a bit taller 6'2". I might be a bit more aggressive and want to explore more of the backcountry, but that is my unsubstantiated opinion. I think I might like the softer flex of the 8000; but I am concerned that it might not be enough for the PNW when I get out on the steeps and in heavy snow. I like to ski fast and have no fear of speed; and I am more "afraid" of skiing along very narrow icy ridges with huge tight whoop-de-doops and not being able to see them when it is whiteout conditions and/or in the clouds.

I will probably try both skis in a 178. Did you think the 172 was optimal for your weight? Have you ever considered trying the 178?

I have skied the Mythic Rider in a 178 in CO in light dry snow and crud and thin powderand liked it very much but never tried it in the heavy crud here in WA. I did try the MR in a 184 here and while it was extremely stable, I think I also felt it was a bit unwieldy for tight turns. I am looking forward to trying both models in a 178 here. I'll let you know what I found.

One of the things that concerns me was one of your concerns too, ie. the heavy weight of the MRs, even in a 178. Yesterday, I compared the MRs and the 8000 (both w/o bindings) in a store and the MRs were definitely heavier - not a good thing if you need to carry them distances in the BC. I was wondering if getting the MRs flat and with a lighter binding might alleviate some of the weight. Without the integrated binding on the MRs, it might also have a little more flex (according to what I read). What was the binding setup on the skis that you tried?

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The longest they had both skis in was a 172, so I didn't get a chance to try anything longer. With my point of reference being my 165's I definatley didn't notice any negatives with the length of the 172. Since the majority of what I was skiing was bumps, I am not sure the added length to the 178 would have helped, but I do think the 8000 in the longer length would have performed better in the steep crud, broken powder.

One thing that really surprised me about the MR was how quickly they turned in the bumps, especially given how much heavier they were than the 8000's. Where I really noticed the added weight was on the groomers (and lugging them to the parking lot).

I think if I were skiing mostly heavy PNW snow off piste, I would choose the MR's, for what I like to ski, bumps and fast cruisers with occasional off piste adventures when the conditions are nice, I like the 8000's better. I think I will demo some 178's when I am in Vail next month.
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I picked up a pair of last year's Legend 8000s last month (great deal!) as a second pair for my annual Rockies trip and for those occasional Vermont powder days. My other ski is a Fischer RX8 which is great on the typical (hard) eastern conditions, but not much fun in more than 4-6 inches of fresh. I have skied the 8000s 2 days in heavy eastern powder and now 10 days in Colorado in a variety of conditions from groomed hardpack to bumps to 8-10 inches of light powder. All in all, a great ski for what I got it for. Doesn't carve or have the grip of the RX8s, but very versatile and fun in the softer snow conditions.
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