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Whistler was / is pretty busy this weekend. Great conditions, but being local I decided to not bother skiing the resort, did an upload and toured the bankcountry instead. Lots of people - I was glad I decided to tour.
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Out with the flu yesterday, but I heard PCMR was pretty bad. Today was one f the buisiest Sundays I've seen this year. Full lines at each of the lift mazes I passed through. Thank god for Fast Tracks.
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Originally Posted by bumpfreaq View Post
Hmmm...... well..... Ya know, I'm not yet familiar with this mountain..... and I hate pulling out a map when really I probably should

I'm here for a week though so even if I don't gain proficiency navigating the whole mountain, I promise I'll get to White Out more than a few times
Great. Make sure to go to the DoubleZ for the best pulled pork and BBQ Brisket around.

Breakfast at Freshies or Wynonnas.

Panda for the best Chinese.

Blue Sage Pizza for the best pizza and The Smokehouse for dinner.

Oh ya, the TugBoat Saloon for Nachos and cold beer.

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Stowe wasn't all hat busy on Saturday. Different story today. In my estimation, it was THE busiest day I've ever seen at Stowe and I've been skiing about 130 days a year there for the last 6 years.
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WM wasn't too busy yesterday, but busier today. My guess is that there will be a moderate crowd during the week.

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no linje today at snowbird...its kinda of scary.

ski school was sold out though
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Today was easily in the top ten for busiest days ever at Baker. A total madhouse.
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Went up to Deer Valley today. The busiest I've ever seen it, and I've skied there a lot. The first time I've ever seen the mountain sell out. Skied Empire most of the day, and the lift line was about 2 minutes at its busiest. Even with a sell-out day, the longest line we waited in was maybe 3 minutes.
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Originally Posted by Little Bear View Post
And that was too long for me to wait, so I had to use the ski school entrance with my clients.


You guys are going to make me useless at work the next three days - See you up there on Friday
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We skied 49 Degrees N yesterday. No lift lines to speak of, a line to use the women's bathroom, and a bit crowded on the ski corrals--so the slopes were fairly empty.

No new snow but the skiing was fine on 102" of base, sunshine, and 360 degree views.
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Pres' day

Today at SAT. Blue skies, and small crowds. The west bowl was deserted. Too many casualties however. Saw 2 copters land. The runs were FAST in the am and slushie in the pm. Had a good day and a Great Pres' day weekend.:
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Yesterday at Steamboat the only large crowds I saw were at the base early in the morning. Today I didn't make it out 'til late in the morning and I saw very few lines and few crowded slopes.
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Appalachian NC has good coverage and short to no lines
Foggy but no rain. Snow was a bit sticky but no ice
All in all it was a pretty good day. The other places don't look so good..
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Sugar Mtn NC was hell on wheels. Long lines, mediocre snow, and uptight patrol. Had good friends along though, so it was worth it.
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As I've posted elsewhere:

Cannon, NH, on Saturday: no big crowds. I'm guessing that the forecast for cold had most people staying inside, though it wasn't that bad (-10º at the top at 8:20 am, but up to 10º above by early afternoon). Most trails allowed you to open up and take some good cruises. Some of the trails also had a nice 4-6" layer of fresh snow from the previous night's storm (it drifted to 10" in some spots on the upper mountain and at Mittersill). The Zoomer chair developed a 2 minute queue due to a charity race, but the other lifts had no lines at all. The first tram of the day wasn't even packed to the gills, though subsequent ones were. And not many people were crossing to Mittersill, which was their loss, as the snow at Mittersill was extremely good (a mix of everything New England has to offer, from powder to boilerplate).

And the new skis were excellent everywhere, too: any snow type, from boilerplate to powder, groomed to bumps, was totally cake.
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Originally Posted by iskitoofast4u View Post
Killington was an absolute nightmare today...mob scene doesn't even begin to describe it.
Yeah, I must have waited a whole minute in a liftline. There were no cars parked on the access road. First time I've ever seen that in my 25 years skiing Killington on Presidents Weekend. The Bear lot was less than half full. The gondolas were busy since it was chilly, the learning areas were jammed with never-nevers, and the connecting trails were clogged with novices. If you wanted advanced terrain and chairlifts, you had the mountain pretty much to yourself. After the snowboarders broke up the crust in the woods on Saturday morning, the tree skiing was pretty good, too.
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Okemo Sat and Sunday, was it crowded? Yes. Did that stop me from having one of the best ski weekends ever? No. Air was crisp and dry, snow was at places race track firm and in others fluffy and light. No ice to be found. Saturday the sun was shining, my new race boots finally had me kicking some a$$ and I had a stupid smile on my face all day long. Saturday was better than Sun, but it was one of those days that everything was working right and you wish would never end.
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No problems with crowds where we skied: Silver Star in B.C. Watching all the kids going to school on Monday warmed my heart.
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We did Durango Sat-Mon. Sat and Sun was crowded, the wait at lift 1 was probably 10 minutes, lift 3 (the quad on the backside) was probably 5-6 minutes.

Monday was great, basically ski right to the chair. Good snow all three days.

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The Alberta Family Day holiday lines up with President's Day, and I was out at Panorama with what seemed like most of Alberta in tow. I've been heading up there this weekend for the last 4 or 5 years to a friend's family cabin and this weekend was the worst I can remember. Conditions were very good in the morning, but that quickly became tracked out and a little slushy in the afternoon, thanks to the sunny day.

It was very, very busy. I think our longest lift line was somewhere around 10 min, but I wasn't checking. If you avoided the blue and green groomers, you could avoid the crowds, but that often meant lots of cat-tracking to get out. Probably my worst day of the season on Saturday, just 'cause of the mass of humanity. I ran into an acquaintance in the bar for lunch, and she said they were out of rentals at the hill. So yeah, it was busy. I think I might hit Kicking Horse next year and see if it's better.
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I would have gone up to Plattekill, crowd or no crowd. But my car's battery died (left the dome light on by mistake) and it took an hour for AAA to send someone to give me a jump.

Rain pretty early on Sunday.
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Snowbird on Monday - 15 people at Gad, Powder Mtn on Tuesday- nobody, Snowbasin on Wed - 10 people for Needles Gondola, The Canyons yesterday - 70 people for the Gondola, nobody at the Dreamcatcher lift.
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