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I'm getting out of the "twin tip world" for now except for my BIG mountain skis... I've got a pair of lightly used Rossi Scratch FS twins for sale. They've been on snow three times this year and three times last year.

*"Crime Scene" graphics
*Very good condition. Just a few nicks in the top sheet. Bases and edges are great.
*Mounted for a 318mm boot (27.0). They are mounted 1cm forward of the freeride line. They are on their 2nd mount - I botched the first.
*Salomon 810s bindings.
*Dimensions: 116-84-109

They have been waxed after nearly outing. Super-light setup. These skis work great on groomers as well as bumps. They're "midfat", and would be okay in powder too with the 84mm waist. I suppose they work well in the park, but they've never seen boxes, jumps, pipes, rails, etc... They have very good edge grip for a twin. You can pull off all kinds of turns with these, and they carve pretty well. If I didn't have so many other skis (thanks Dawg... ), I'd keep them for my "everyday" ski.

$295 shipped to lower 48. Pretty firm on this price.