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Head SuperHeat 3 liners heat molding - how?

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Please help me with the instructions of how to heat mold Head SuperHeat 3 liners.

Some time ago the same question was asked here, and SMALLZOOKEEPER replied:

Originally Posted by SMALLZOOKEEPER View Post
Go to your shop. We heat; out of shell, foot padded, tight thin sock and plastic bag
Unfortunately, going to the shop is not the option for me as the shop doesn't know how to do boot fitting, they just sell :-(. Also I failed to find any info about SuperHeat 3 in Internet either...

My problem is that after several runs my ball of the foot and toes are numbing and then I get terrible pain in the toes. When I take the boots off, or just free up my heel tendon, after few seconds the pain is gone.

My idea, may be completely wrong, is that the reason of my problem is too mach pudding in the heel tendon area of the liners. I hope that after correct heat molding that area will pack out... and my feet becomes happy ;-).

I can do "regular" heat molding in a shop which sells Dalbello and Atomic and heat boots with hot air machine, but SMALLZOOKEEPER's "We heat; out of shell, foot padded" makes me think that SuperHeat 3 needs to be molded in a different way.

Your instructions and advises are highly appreciated.


PS. English is not my native language, so please excuse me if my description is not clear enough
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perfectly simple any heat machine will work, just have some soft foam padding [boot fit foam ] on the prominaent bits and the job is as they say "a good un"

plastic bag just helps get the foot in the boot
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Thanks CEM for the prompt reply, a few more questions if don't mind:

1) what duration and temperature of the heating do you recommend for SH3?

2) can I replace boot fit foam with something more conventional? how thick and how soft should it be?

3) I understand that padding should be somehow sticked directly to skin of my foot, then I should wear tough thin ski sock, then plastic bag to allow to insert a foot into hot boot without padding displacement, correct?

4) should I stand during molding process, sit, move somehow, sing any special song or it doesn't matter?

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I don't sell head boots, but I assume that they "work" like any other companies.

listen to CEM over me, he sells head, I don't

1) most of the hot air guns from the boot companies are all about the same. 5-10 minutes, not sure on the temp. Warm, not hot ?

2) anything that will help pad the liner out more, 3-5mm thick, cardboard might do it

3) yes

4) singing is not that critical, but doing the can-can is key for a good fit.
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SH3 10 mins on the standard boot towers or 5 mins on the salomon or the intuition ones
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Thanks mntlion and CEM,

It becomes more and more clear :-)

I have an idea to pad most visible blood-vessels on the top on my feet with a goal to engrave my liners during heat molding... do you think it make sense?
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