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Hallo America,

last week I had the opportunity to ski various Edelwiser skies changing daily. I personally own a Swing skied for appx 55 days now. I skied the Speed within the last two years several times and was of the opinion it would be a little too much ski for every day use. To be honest I need to change my verdict a little. It seems that I do need a little more than one or two hours to get a final impression of a ski especially if the ski has got a lot of character. Despite the opinion of several skies that a ski needs to fit with the first turn I do like skies which do not show all within the first carves. The Edelwiser Speed is one of those skies to me.

10cm more compared to the Swing with a surplus of 360g/ski radius 14m creates a serious all mountain weapon for mid-radius and longer radius carves. The tip has got a similar characteristic like the Swing with a lot of flexfeedback the tail is significantly stiffer. The whole package raises the speed and performance level quite a lot. I have seen several advanced skiers last week who did not cope with the Speed at all due to the technical level needed to get the Speed running. It also needs higher power input compared to the Swing. But if you get it running it will run and not a lot of performance carvers will come close. Ehrenwort!

Beside the fantastic carving performance on hard but especially softer conditions I also had the possibility to ski the Speed off-piste in soft-wet snow (Firn/Sulz) and also frozen conditions. Like all Edelwiser the Speed can be skied wounderful in ski-routes and off piste. For me one of the key elements of Edelwiser: High performance carvers with off-piste performance.

Cheeeers America :


P.S.: Edelwiser Firnis 170 review coming up