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skins for yo yo skiing

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I need advice on what to use for miles of constant up, down, rolling hill terrain skiing on the approach to the big hill. This is low angle stuff, and a regular full ski skin is just gonna slow me down. So I have stumbled upon two realms of thought--either a half size kicker skin OR a half width full length skin. I am mostly concerned about glide and conseving time. Constantly taking on and off the regular skin is out of the question and really a waste of time.
Should I just get a snowmobile?
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I've heard the thinner skin approach is more efficient/desirable than kicker skins since due to connection issues, but YMMV. Waxing skins helps a skootch and patterned base skis are another option. The skis are typically lighter and you step down durability and skiing performance though.
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I bought a pair of the half length kicker skins and do not really like them for rolling hills, I am actually happier skating, poling, and traversing my way along for the most part. You can slide downhill on them but still too much skin and the connection plate and straps create extra drag. I am keeping my eyes open for a bargain on a thin full length skin that I can split down the middle. Researching this problem I have seen people post that are happy with full length skinny skins they fabricate from the trimmings of their climbing skins.
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cut them narrower and use something on the skins to help with the glide like the nikwax skin proof, BD makes a couple of products for the skins as well.
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Karhu Guides. 109-78-95. Waxless fish scale bottom. Metal edge. Put Dynafits on them. Cheaper than a sled.

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thanks for the advice. I always thought that the "kicker" 1/2 skins were kind of suspect gear, and perhaps unnecessary. Good call on the wax, I never thought of that.
Although I already got the cheap skis, the fishscale skis are something I definitely would consider if I find a deal.
you can never have enough options.
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With pattern based skis you can definitely tour flatter terrain faster and you can add grip wax to assist with steeper ascents. Additionally, you can then add full width climbing skins when the pattern and grip wax fall short.

(Off to test the theory now with my Atomic Chugaches. )
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